Sunday, 31 May 2015

New Beginnings

Hi Guys :)

This is going to be an extension of The Undomestic Diva, but (hopefully) focusing more on the garden and my attempts to grow things in it, and be more self sufficient.
I make a lot of things for my home, if i can make it cheaper then i don't buy it, but i still feel that there are more things that i haven't discovered yet, i'd like to try spinning again, i have tried it before (with varying degrees of success) but i would like to pick it back up again. Ideally, maybe this year or next i can get a full size spinning wheel, but for now, i'm going to make my own drop spindle.
I have a knitting machine, so I'm determined to master it this year, and make lots of jumpers, socks, blankets and so on.
I eventually want to be able to make my own clothes (that fit and don't fall apart)
Weaving (i have a small child's' rigid heddle loom) scarves, rugs etc
Crocheting (which i already do, but again, i want to make more things for me and hubby and the house)

Anyone have any suggestions?


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