Tuesday, 9 June 2015

I Mastered Bread!! Woohoo!

Ta-daahhh! I would like to introduce you to my very first yummy tasting bread!
Now, anyone who knows me and have followed me on TheUndomesticDiva knows that i have never managed to bake bread. It was either inedible, hard as a rock, or raw. 
Well, yesterday that all changed when came across a recipe for slow cooked bread! 

"What is this wizardry?"
"Slow cooked bread? That can't be right!"
So, i gave it a go. And my goodness did it work! The softest, crumbliest bread you could ever imagine!
I know it looks a bit pale, but you can brown it under the grill if you like
 (i didn't want to, as i don't like hard crusts)
At the moment, we only have a mini oven, so i think that's partly why my recent bread hasn't worked (no idea why it didn't work in my old oven either mind you, but oh well!)

I think i might make some soup later, to complement it ;)

In other happy news, i found this adorable wee chicken salt shaker in a charity shop for 50p! 
The little eggshell bit at the bottom separates too, i was hoping to use it as an egg cup but it's a bit too wide :( maybe it is supposed to be for sauces, or dip? Hmmm... 

My herbs are doing nicely, the parsley seems to have suddenly taken over the pot! And to think i was worried it wouldn't grow! I've started to put them outside to harden off before i transplant them later in the week. I need the pots back! haha :)

My carrot seeds seem to be making no progress whatsoever :( Not even a single tiny sprout from any of the seeds :( which is why i want the pots back so i can try again and use those instead of egg cartons.
As i type this, i have just seen a very large Jackdaw making eyes at my herbs outside! 
Gerroff!! They're mine!

I also made some lovely cozy slippers :) Though looking at this picture they seem a bit short at the back. 

What are you doing today? :) 


  1. Well done on the bread, I shall have to look into slow cooked bread, your seeds are doing very well, soon be time to thin out and repot, x

    1. It is soooo yummy! It took a couple of hours but it is so worth it, i think it is because of a slow heat that it works so well, and it can maintain a level heat. i think. haha :) xx

  2. Well done on the bread and for keeping going. I am trying to work on bread baking too at the moment, I am sure that once you get the knack it is easy, but it is the getting the knack bit that is tricky! So I think that it is great that you have persevered and are doing so well with it! xx

    1. Thank you :D I've been trying to master bread for years so this is a major thing for me, and i totally agree, it's just getting the knack that is the hardest part! haha xx

  3. Yay! Homemade bread with soup is the best! The herbs are coming along well and love the little chicken. Carrots do take a really long time to germinate and are hard to transplant. Maybe try them straight in the garden.

    1. Thank you :D I think i will try that, i've tried a few more in the bottom of a milk jug so if these don't work i'll just put them straight out, fingers crossed!! xx

  4. So Happy for you :) I remember when I made my first bread way way way back then !!!!


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