Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I've got a swimming pool!

Heh. Fooled you didn't i?
I wish! but no...i was digging out the garden and found a paddling pool! it's completely wedged in under the soil:( and worst of all The Bearded Wonder won't be back for a while so i can't even ask him to help!
I have absolutely no idea how i am going to get it out, i don't know how big it is so can't really dig around it... hmmm. 

~In other happy news i did manage to transplant the parsley and basil, the basil looks slightly worse for wear, it's roots hadn't established as well as the parsley, but never mind, i'm sure it will survive :)

 And i took a quick peek at the potatoes, they are starting to grow full roots now so i added another layer of potting soil :) 

That's it really... not a lot else to report haha!

What are you up to today? :)


  1. I never get much luck with Basil outside, so I tend to keep them inside, we planted spuds a while back, so we can dig them up before we move, if we ever do that is xx

    1. I must admit, this is the first time i've put them outside, i normally grow them on the windowsill but i decided to be bold, it's not too much of a loss if they don't survive, luckily :) xx

  2. Even with the obstacles, you are proceeding along with progress :)

  3. Don't you just hate finding things buried in the garden! It is so annoying when you are trying to make a new area. I hope that you can work around it in the meantime. xx

    1. It bugs the life out of me! I just don't understand why people do it! Just put in the the bin that is sitting 5 ft away
      Its so odd! haha xx

  4. I enjoyed your blog, you did fol me I thought you were building a swimming pool. You could make a lovely pond out of your paddling pool as long as it doesnt have holes in it. I made a pond last summer and have recently got some fish to go in it.

    Benton @ Pool Solar & Spa


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