Saturday, 13 June 2015

Phew! Responding to Kev's challenge

Hi guys :)
Sorry i haven't been around to do updates, my uncle John visited from Thursday to today so we've been out and about.
We went on a lovely walk and to the nearest town to get supplies. I ended up dragging a spade around. I also got lots of potting soil and some peat seed trays.
 The carrots have finally decided to sprout! Woohoo! 
Hopefully i shall have more things ready to grow next week as i am awaiting a seed delivery, when it decides to show up!
The Bearded Wonder looking moody ;)

Uncle John being silly

What a view!!!

We have started work on unearthing the path through the middle of the garden. See the fence in the background? It got blown over in the wind! and now it looks like the other half of the fence is trying to do the same :(

I couldn't resist this from Poundland to hang in the pantry 

And finally, i am responding to Kev's  challenge to post a photo of myself, this one is far away enough to not scare you ;) as you can see i am very short!

And me and The Bearded Wonder

What have you been up to this week? :)

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