Saturday, 6 June 2015

Progress and An Ode To My Hubby

Hi guys :)
What a wonderful day i had yesterday! 
It was mine and The Bearded Wonders 5th anniversary of being together, through thick and thin. 
5 years! The poor git, having to put up with me :P 
You think i'm joking? He has put up with my many and varied hobbies, successes and failures, my disappointment when things go wrong, cheering me on when things go right. My many, many hair colours and styles. My spontaneity, of pancakes at midnight, my wild ideas, our long discussions (read- arguments) My ability to sneak things into the shopping trolley when he isn't looking
 (oh, he knows about it, he is just lovely enough to buy it anyway, bless him)
All of this and more.
 And for which i am eternally grateful. I am grateful for his never ending support, his romantic side (which is better than mine, i am terrible at being romantic) he leaves little notes, writes poems to me, buys a book because he knew i would like it, or a surprise of a DVD in the post, recording a T.V programme because he knew it would interest me.
What a sweetie he is. 

Woah... i got rather soppy there didn't i? Quite good for someone who is rubbish at being romantic!

We had a lovely day out in the nearest own, we had coffee and scones at a lovely cafe, where the sweetest old man was sat playing such lovely music on an old keyboard. I think we were the only ones listening. 

I came home with a few bargains, a lawn edging roll for £2, which may end up being used for raised beds for the time being, until i can get some wood. They actually had some raised bed sets in B & Q but i wasn't paying £18 for them! (maybe they'll read this and offer some? I live in hope :P )
A Shiny new trowel for £1.50, and some carrot seeds and Thyme for 50p each.

I sowed the carrots in an egg carton, then, when they have sprouted shall be moved to bigger pots and eventually transplanted outside.

My Parsley has finally started to grow! So it has been moved onto the living room window with the Chives and Basil, where it can get the full benefit of the sun . They are all growing nicely :)

I made a sign for the pantry door because...well, why not? 

I also found a large tin of strawberries for only 50p! The plan is to drain off the syrup and use them for jam. No where near as nice as fresh strawberries but they shall be good as a backup until i can grow my own.

How has your weekend been so far? What have you been up to?


  1. I have been with mine for 26 years now,(I'm 47), time just goes, I was just thinking about your carrot and thyme seeds, one of the things I do quite a lot as my teenager is fussy about carrots, is to roast them in olive oil with a few springs of thyme he loves them like that, tin strawbs would be good for a tart or stirred through some thick yogurt, have a lovely weekend x

    1. Awww, that is such a long time, but as you said, it really does just fly by!

      Oohh i adore roasted carrots! Your recipe sounds gorgeous.They need to hurry up now and get growing! haha :)

      Have a lovely weekend too :) <3 x

  2. I am busy with the petrol strimmer. Free Bird is a classic rock ballad!

    1. Lucky you! It is too windy here to get anything done :( Free Bird is epic! People think i am too young to know about classic rock (i am 22), but just because i am young it doesn't mean i can't appreciate good music when i hear it. My dad introduced me to Lynard Skynard and Johnny Cash, as well as many others when i was little, and ever since i had had a life-long love for them :) Especially Johnny Cash (greatest singer of all time! In my humble opinion )

  3. Congratulations! What a sweetie, to give you little surprises like that! I have been with my hubby for 28 years now (married for 21) and yep, time sure does fly!
    Looks like your garden will be coming along nicely soon. Good finds today! I got lots of gardening done today - will have to share some updated photos next week. I finally have more garden than weeds!

    1. Thank you :D He is bless him. Lord knows why he stuck with me! haha
      I can't wait to see your photos :) And i can't wait to have more garden than weeds! In about another 5 years time maybe lol :) xx <3

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope that you have many more happy years together doing all kinds of daft things and romantic things! xx

    1. Thank you Amy :) well, he won't have much choice as we plan on finally actually tying the knot next year, at least after 5 years he knows what he is letting himself in for! haha! We do have a lot of fun though, i think fun and daftness is an absolute must in a relationship :) xx <3


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