Sunday, 21 June 2015

Projects And A Round Up

Hi guys :)
Have you had a nice weekend?
Ours has been pretty  busy, just doing bits and pieces.

Yesterday we went off on a jolly to Durham, and a a beautiful steam engine came down the street while we were waiting for the bus! Isn't it fab? :D

In typical "touristy" fashion we had a peek a the cathedral 

In other news..... ta-dah! 
I'm knitting!
I went for years being unable to knit, well, slight lie as i could do the knit stitch,but nothing else, and i could never understand the patterns
So, i decided it was high time for me to learn properly! 
On Friday i sat myself down, armed myself with needles and yarn and the internet and got learning. 
 This is how far i have got so far, it's (hopefully) going to be a jumper and i'm doing a mock cable pattern at the same time! It's surprisingly easy (Ooohh get me!)

I'm also starting a crocheted shawl for a friend who's just a baby :)

My carrots are finally sprouting and growing well!  
And i also got some lovely freebies! If you go here there will be a link to and if you have a gardening related blog and link to them, they will give you a £10 gift voucher!

So this is what i got with mine, Leeks, Savoy cabbage, Broccoli, Lavender, Mint, Onions, Aster, Coneflowers and Calendula :)

I'm looking forward to getting everything planted out/ sown, fingers crossed this week!

What are you up to this week?

Don't forget, i'm hosting the next "What's Cooking?" blog hop tomorrow, so feel free to drop by and leave a recipe :)


  1. Love the steam engine. Wish we bus stops.

  2. What a great steam engine! Good luck with the knitting - you will have to come join up with Yarn Along on Wednesdays now! I can't wait to see how you are progressing. I keep saying I will learn crochet on the internet, but just so much other stuff to do. Great about the free seeds - lots of planting coming soon!


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