Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Yarn Along, Progress and T-minus 3 days to Woolfest!

Hi guys :) 
This week i am finally remembering to join in with the Yarn Along!

So, this is my progress so far!
I gave up on the mock cable thing, it was too complicated to remember to do along with everything else! Maybe next time.
 The bottom part is where i practiced just a knit stitch, then i mastered stockinette stitch and added a new colour. Yay!
 This week i am reading Whispers In The Sand by Barbara Erskine
"Past and present collide in richly mysterious Egypt, where recently divorced Anna Coburn is retracing a journey her great grandmother Louisa made in the 19th century. Cruising down the Nile from Luxor to the Valley of the Kings, Anna carries with her two mementos: an ancient Egyptian scent bottle, and the diary of that original Nile voyage, which has lain unread for a hundred years. As she follows Louisa's footsteps, Anna discovers both the chilling secret of the bottle and the terrifying specters that pursued her great grandmother."

i love this book, i first read it two weeks ago and ended up enjoying it so much that i am reading it again! A fantastic thriller :)

This year  i am also getting to go to Woolfest! Woohoo! Me and the Knit and Nattter group, and a few from the textiles group are going on a mini bus on Saturday! I am so exited! I must remember to take my camera :)

The basil and parsley are doing well and i transplanted the thyme
(at the bottom, looking slightly worse for wear!)

I just couldn't resist snipping a few pieces of parsley to use in dinner later, and to experiment drying a few small pieces in my super duper high tech machine
(an old sock dryer! Bought for the princely sum of 50p!)
It is in the pantry, and my notes say that it needs 2 weeks to dry out, and as this is the first time drying anything in the pantry i wanted to try a small piece to see if it works, as i'm not sure if the pantry will be too cold
Fingers crossed!


  1. Yay! You are here at Yarn Along! It is looking great so far. Woolfest will be amazing - look forward to hearing about it. I am really hoping to make it to our wool fair this year as it is meant to be truly wonderful and I have never made it before. Could be dangerous though, being around all that yarn and woolly goodness - way too tempting!

    1. Haha i know! I read your comment just as soon as i published this one! Great minds think alike ;)

      It will be terribly tempting but i have a way of containing myself.. i have no money!haha! I have enough for the entry ticket but after that i'll have to console myself with looking and touching lol I don't think i would know what to go for if i had the money spare anyway so it's god thing (that's my story ) xx

  2. Love to read about all of your wonderful endeavors and will love hearing about Wool fest !! Hope you have a wonderful time :) from your friend across the pond XX

  3. Hi. I've just been having a quick catch up. I've been subscribed to your other blog posts. You're doing great with your knitting. X


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