Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Socks and Simple Pleasures

 Hi guys :)
How do you like the blogs' new look and layout?  I fancied a change :)
The socks on double pointed needles are going well! After a few hiccups with turning the heel (it got ripped out about 5 times!) it is finally beginning to take the shape of a sock! I must admit i am starting to get thoroughly sick of the colour brown!
I tried it on after turning the heel but as the needles are straight they wouldn't fit over the instep so i had to quickly transfer them to a long circular.  It turns out knitting with DPN's is easier than it looks once you get into the rhythm of it :) 

 Today is looking gloomy and miserable, so no chance of putting the washing out. So i thought i'd share some sunnier pictures from the past few weeks

This is the view about 1 mile from the house, i often wander down there to get some peace on nice days

 On the way home i saw these beautiful horses, they saw me and started running and playing :)

Taking a break
 (RIP lovely sandals :( they finally gave up and snapped last week after 2 years of hard work. They were soooo comfy!)

A freshly shorn sheep :) 

This was on a walk with a few friends last week, we were plagued by flies so we had to pick some bracken and wave them around our heads to keep them at bay! It is a good job there weren't many people around, what a sight we must have looked haha :D I couldn't resist snapping a pic :)

The beautiful guide dog Izzy, sulking because she had to wear her bell so her owner could hear where she was 

Cooling our feet in a wee river

I do enjoy these walks, i may complain about the length, but in such beautiful surroundings , i find i don't notice how long we have been walking.

Do you have a favourite place to walk? A favourite view? I would love to see it :)

Saturday, 25 July 2015

And Breathe...

Hi Guys :)
Thank you all for your kind words and advice after my...meltdown minor setback, last week, it was very much appreciated. I have trimmed down the leeks to stabilize them, and am looking into setting in a hedge at the back of the house.
I went to the local textiles group this afternoon, for a break, and i found this on my table when i came home. He bought it to cheer me up after my meltdown minor setback
Ain't he sweet :') 

I've been busy sorting out what used to be the pantry. Remember the lovely pantry?
Well... (another sodding thing wrong with the house,  to add the list!!) it turns out that cupboard is too cold to store food and had started to grow mold on the shelves and warp the wood.So, all of the food has been moved back in to the tiny kitchen, and i have turned it into a coat room instead

Bags on one side, hats in the middle 
our most used summer coats and hats on the other 
and my most used shoes in the baskets, and the hubbys' on the shelf 
And i've moved the bookshelves into my corner where i work :)
What a faff! For once i would like a house that isn't crumbling to bits or growing mold at 0-60 in 2.4 seconds!

Oh well, onwards and upwards!
 I'm also knitting more socks, this time on double pointed needles, so that shall be fun!

What are you up to this week :)

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Oh Dear :(

Hi Guys. 
My poor leeks are looking limp :( the past few days have been so windy i'm not sure if they are going to survive! Does anyone know if you can stake leeks to give them a bit of stability?
and I've just noticed that bit of concrete about to fall down, i'll fix it in a minute.
It's really the one thing i'm not happy about living here, such high winds and unpredictable weather.
I'm starting to doubt my plans to have a fully working veg garden :(
Sorry to sound so miserable. I'm normally a cheerful and optimistic person, but this is starting to get to me
Nothing much exiting to report, apart from i'm still working on my second sock, and i made some rather pretty watercolour cushions. 

What are you up to?

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Huzzah! A Sock!

Hi Guys :)
Remember my crocheted toe sock?
Well...here it is!

It isn't the prettiest looking sock, but as i used DK yarn it is super cozy and warm! 

I've had to sew up a few places where i've dropped stitches, and i can see a few in the photo above that i have missed,  but never mind.
I have to say, once i got started , it was pretty fast to work up, the heel was quite scary as i had never done one before, but it turned out to be pretty easy, i didn't work to a pattern, i  just halved the rows and worked back and forth, slipping a stitch at the start of each row.

In hindsight, i wish i had decreased a few more stitches on the cuff, as it is quite baggy, and added a few extra rows, but i can easily rip it out and add them, so it isn't the be-all and end-all.
I've already started the toe of the next sock and threaded it onto the needles, i did it as soon as i had finished, this way i don't get second sock syndrome haha :)

In garden news, i have planted out the leeks, the poor things won't know what has hit them, it has suddenly turned so windy! We live in a very hilly area, and we are practically on top of one of the hills, so there is very little protection from the wind. I wonder if i can figure something out that will block the wind a little? hmm.. must add it to my to-do list.

What are you up to this week?

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Blessed and Yarning Along :)

Hi guys :)
Today i am joining in with the Yarn Along :) (slightly late lol)
I am declaring myself a genius!
for weeks i have been trying to knit socks on 9in circulars, and i couldn't get it right. I cast on from the cuff and it was always too loose, so, i pondered for a while, threw it at the wall. And then suddenly it hit me (the idea, not the yarn bouncing off the wall :D ) 
Crochet the toe! I can't get my head around DPN's, they are far too complicated for me and so is the magic loop method, so this way is perfect! I can get a nice neat toe and can try it on as i go to get the length right, so off i went, and then threaded it through the needle and just went on knitting! So far it is working perfectly!

I am currently re-reading The Perfect Match, by Katie Fforde, now i absolutely adore this author, I have all of her books but the very latest one: A Vintage Wedding, but i am still looking in charity shops, so finger crossed :) 
Her books are a perfect escapist read, and always involve the main character having such interesting jobs, such as a  potter, auctioneers porter, virtual assistant, chef on a pair of hotel boats, etc They always make me desperate to go out and try them! 

On an even happier note, i have new plants! I got chatting to a gardener last week before our knit and natter group nd he said he had plenty spare, so here they are! :) Woohoo!

There are Leeks, rosemary, sage lots of lettuce and salad leaves, kale, asparagus kale, sprouts etc so plenty to choose from :) (and hopefully not kill!) I've noticed a few leaves have fallen prey to slugs, does any one know what to do with them?  Do i just lop the eaten ones off?

I've started to cobble together a couple of beds to pop them in, they don't look great but they shall do for now :)  
Notice the courgettes in the foreground, looking great and still growing well :)

I've also discovered a marvelous thing called cold porcelain clay, which isn't actually porcelain but gives a great effect , So to start with i made a soap dish :) 

Would anyone like the recipe? You can find one version here :)

What have you been up to this week? :) 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Organizing- Garden Update

Hi guys :)

I am finally attempting to get myself organized.
It was only when i realized i had forgotten to ring the plumber (yet again!) to reattach a radiator to the wall that i finally decided to take action. I need a system.
Post it notes!

I'll admit it, my memory is terrible, so, for now, i have devised a post it solution until i can get myself a proper planner. There are so many free printable ones online, but, as usual, the printer has ran out of ink and right now we can't afford to replace them. Also, this way is more eco friendly.

I am also drawing myself a calendar, we have one in the living room, but this one is going to be for the craft room/studio thingy, i am only drawing from July to December , then i can draw a full one next year.

What else? Oh yes, i decided it would be a fun idea to clean out and rearrange the pantry.
I went to pull forward the bookcase, to clean behind it, and i had forgot that the shelves weren't fixed, so they fell out and straight onto my foot! Ouch!
My foot is now a lovely shade of purple.

The potatoes are doing great! In hindsight though i wish i had lined the basket before planting. 
The herbs aren't doing so well :( I forgot to  put down slug deterrents and they have  scoffed the basil and parsley :( Who knew they would like such strong herbs! Little sods!
Amazingly though, they haven't touched the courgettes! 
I transplanted them and they are growing like weeds 
Remember these? All sown with  care.
Well, they were growing nicely until i forgot to water them in last week's heat and they are no more. 
I'm too ashamed to show you a photo!

Remember the paddling pool? I enlisted the help of The Bearded wonder and our uncle John and it was huge! For some reason it was weighted down with rocks, so i imagine they wanted  to build a pond at some point.

My artistic mojo is slowly coming back to me so i went on a walk to get some inspiration, and saw these divine creatures, as soon as they noticed me they started running and playing :)

What are your plans for the week? Do you have any organizing tips?

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Patience Is A Virtue (apparently) A Tour Of The Craft Room

Evening all :) 
Sorry for it being so long, this week has completely nuts, I've barely had a chance to breathe!

I've been attempting to organize my craft room. On Monday we finally got a double bed for our room ( we were sleeping on a double mattress on a sofa bed), at a bargain price of £5 :)
So, we had to move the sofa bed into the spare room (that was fun!) and, up until now, the spare room was just used for storage until we got the house sorted.
Let me introduce you to...The craft room! Woohoo!

By the way, this is tidy by my standards!
A lovely squishy sofa to curl up on and draw or read, and the spare duvet in case it gets cold and my knitting machine in the corner .
(by the way, if you ever have the urge to put a knitting machine back in its' case, it is advisable not to! You need a degree in physics!)

My cobbled together drying rack (and the sad looking hand made dress form in the corner) baskets of yarn and my sewing machine.

Ugly Onion kindly holding hooks, needles and scissors.
My "Art bag" hanging on the right for when i want to go outside and paint or draw
Piles of fleece still waiting to be carded and spun

My inspiration board, both of the drawings given to me by a friend, when we were on a course together :) She's so talented!Above them are wee love notes from The Bearded Wonder (Sweet!)

Inspiration and Art wall, i plan on adding more here by artists i admire

And my lovely "Heelian Coo" (Highland cow) Lucy 
 by the very talented Encaustic Beeswax Artist Janice Bannister

And my new sketchbook, that i spent a very pleasurable evening decorating 

And that's it! Very small room but perfect for my needs, i plan on adding many more storage shelves and bookshelves (where i'm going to fit them i do not know! I'll find a way!)

I know, i need to do a garden update, but sadly, there isn't much to report at the moment, as we haven't had much time to work on it. Everything is growing slowly but surely, apart from the courgettes which are literally shooting up! I must remember to take a picture for when i do the update. 
 Also, thank you for your lovely comments , they do make me smile :) and i'll be doing a blog round tonight and commenting :)

What have you been up to this week?


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