Saturday, 25 July 2015

And Breathe...

Hi Guys :)
Thank you all for your kind words and advice after my...meltdown minor setback, last week, it was very much appreciated. I have trimmed down the leeks to stabilize them, and am looking into setting in a hedge at the back of the house.
I went to the local textiles group this afternoon, for a break, and i found this on my table when i came home. He bought it to cheer me up after my meltdown minor setback
Ain't he sweet :') 

I've been busy sorting out what used to be the pantry. Remember the lovely pantry?
Well... (another sodding thing wrong with the house,  to add the list!!) it turns out that cupboard is too cold to store food and had started to grow mold on the shelves and warp the wood.So, all of the food has been moved back in to the tiny kitchen, and i have turned it into a coat room instead

Bags on one side, hats in the middle 
our most used summer coats and hats on the other 
and my most used shoes in the baskets, and the hubbys' on the shelf 
And i've moved the bookshelves into my corner where i work :)
What a faff! For once i would like a house that isn't crumbling to bits or growing mold at 0-60 in 2.4 seconds!

Oh well, onwards and upwards!
 I'm also knitting more socks, this time on double pointed needles, so that shall be fun!

What are you up to this week :)


  1. If you plant a young hedge put some windbreak fabric behind the plants to prevent them getting windburn. Will you sell your knitted socks?

    1. oooh, that's a good idea, is that to protect them whilst the hedge is too small?
      Hmm, i'm not sure, maybe when i get used to making them, why? Would you like a pair? Bright pink? :D

  2. Undomestic,
    Ah! The joy of home ownership and gardening, joys I know all too well myself. But it looks as if you are taking it all in stride and making wonderful changes when needed. – G

    1. Oh yes, it's all fun and games haha :) At the minute it seems like i am finding a new thing wrong with the house every five minutes!
      In end i will have it looking fabulous :D but i do enjoy making it look pretty, and i'm very creative, so that's a bonus
      Diva x

  3. mold is caused by bad air flow and damp. be careful mold doesnt build up. especially if you have asthma


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