Thursday, 16 July 2015

Blessed and Yarning Along :)

Hi guys :)
Today i am joining in with the Yarn Along :) (slightly late lol)
I am declaring myself a genius!
for weeks i have been trying to knit socks on 9in circulars, and i couldn't get it right. I cast on from the cuff and it was always too loose, so, i pondered for a while, threw it at the wall. And then suddenly it hit me (the idea, not the yarn bouncing off the wall :D ) 
Crochet the toe! I can't get my head around DPN's, they are far too complicated for me and so is the magic loop method, so this way is perfect! I can get a nice neat toe and can try it on as i go to get the length right, so off i went, and then threaded it through the needle and just went on knitting! So far it is working perfectly!

I am currently re-reading The Perfect Match, by Katie Fforde, now i absolutely adore this author, I have all of her books but the very latest one: A Vintage Wedding, but i am still looking in charity shops, so finger crossed :) 
Her books are a perfect escapist read, and always involve the main character having such interesting jobs, such as a  potter, auctioneers porter, virtual assistant, chef on a pair of hotel boats, etc They always make me desperate to go out and try them! 

On an even happier note, i have new plants! I got chatting to a gardener last week before our knit and natter group nd he said he had plenty spare, so here they are! :) Woohoo!

There are Leeks, rosemary, sage lots of lettuce and salad leaves, kale, asparagus kale, sprouts etc so plenty to choose from :) (and hopefully not kill!) I've noticed a few leaves have fallen prey to slugs, does any one know what to do with them?  Do i just lop the eaten ones off?

I've started to cobble together a couple of beds to pop them in, they don't look great but they shall do for now :)  
Notice the courgettes in the foreground, looking great and still growing well :)

I've also discovered a marvelous thing called cold porcelain clay, which isn't actually porcelain but gives a great effect , So to start with i made a soap dish :) 

Would anyone like the recipe? You can find one version here :)

What have you been up to this week? :) 


  1. Yay on discovering a solution for your socks! I love Katie Fforde too - my favourite is Thyme Out (of course!) The plants are coming along so well. Look forward to seeing them all planted out.
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank yo :D She's a brilliant author isn't she? I think she is brilliant!
      I planted out the leeks today but will have to wait a fortnight for the rest when i can get more soil :)

  2. Thank you for providing a link to the recipe for cold porcelain clay. I'm intrigued. I'm also intrigued about your crocheting the toes of your socks. I want to learn to knit - so that I can knit socks, but those DPNs intimidate me. But I can crochet! Please post a picture of your finished socks! I'd love to see what that looks like.

    1. You are very welcome becki :) it is so much fun to work with and experiment.
      I shall pop up a picture as soon as one is finished , as i have o start the dreaded heel first! That will be fun :D xx


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