Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Organizing- Garden Update

Hi guys :)

I am finally attempting to get myself organized.
It was only when i realized i had forgotten to ring the plumber (yet again!) to reattach a radiator to the wall that i finally decided to take action. I need a system.
Post it notes!

I'll admit it, my memory is terrible, so, for now, i have devised a post it solution until i can get myself a proper planner. There are so many free printable ones online, but, as usual, the printer has ran out of ink and right now we can't afford to replace them. Also, this way is more eco friendly.

I am also drawing myself a calendar, we have one in the living room, but this one is going to be for the craft room/studio thingy, i am only drawing from July to December , then i can draw a full one next year.

What else? Oh yes, i decided it would be a fun idea to clean out and rearrange the pantry.
I went to pull forward the bookcase, to clean behind it, and i had forgot that the shelves weren't fixed, so they fell out and straight onto my foot! Ouch!
My foot is now a lovely shade of purple.

The potatoes are doing great! In hindsight though i wish i had lined the basket before planting. 
The herbs aren't doing so well :( I forgot to  put down slug deterrents and they have  scoffed the basil and parsley :( Who knew they would like such strong herbs! Little sods!
Amazingly though, they haven't touched the courgettes! 
I transplanted them and they are growing like weeds 
Remember these? All sown with  care.
Well, they were growing nicely until i forgot to water them in last week's heat and they are no more. 
I'm too ashamed to show you a photo!

Remember the paddling pool? I enlisted the help of The Bearded wonder and our uncle John and it was huge! For some reason it was weighted down with rocks, so i imagine they wanted  to build a pond at some point.

My artistic mojo is slowly coming back to me so i went on a walk to get some inspiration, and saw these divine creatures, as soon as they noticed me they started running and playing :)

What are your plans for the week? Do you have any organizing tips?


  1. I just write a list and add to it as I remember jobs that need doing then in the evening while having a cuppa I can cross off any jobs that have been done its a never ending list and is in a hardback A4 note book I dont mind that its never ending as I feel a sense of achievement just seeing things crossed off even if the job is half done I just cross it off and then re-list it. I dont set targets or goals as not reaching them can lead to stress pressure and disappointment I am all for an easy stress free life since moving, I do use a calender in the kitchen to write date related things on such as visitors or animal worming etc :-)

    1. ha that sounds good to me dawn :D That's the only disadvantage to having them on virtual notes, i can't cross them off lol I've managed to find a binder, so everything is going to go into that, i just need to figure out which order to put them in etc, but i think i'll treat myself to pretty stickers to jazz it up as it is looking boring :) xx


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