Thursday, 9 July 2015

Patience Is A Virtue (apparently) A Tour Of The Craft Room

Evening all :) 
Sorry for it being so long, this week has completely nuts, I've barely had a chance to breathe!

I've been attempting to organize my craft room. On Monday we finally got a double bed for our room ( we were sleeping on a double mattress on a sofa bed), at a bargain price of £5 :)
So, we had to move the sofa bed into the spare room (that was fun!) and, up until now, the spare room was just used for storage until we got the house sorted.
Let me introduce you to...The craft room! Woohoo!

By the way, this is tidy by my standards!
A lovely squishy sofa to curl up on and draw or read, and the spare duvet in case it gets cold and my knitting machine in the corner .
(by the way, if you ever have the urge to put a knitting machine back in its' case, it is advisable not to! You need a degree in physics!)

My cobbled together drying rack (and the sad looking hand made dress form in the corner) baskets of yarn and my sewing machine.

Ugly Onion kindly holding hooks, needles and scissors.
My "Art bag" hanging on the right for when i want to go outside and paint or draw
Piles of fleece still waiting to be carded and spun

My inspiration board, both of the drawings given to me by a friend, when we were on a course together :) She's so talented!Above them are wee love notes from The Bearded Wonder (Sweet!)

Inspiration and Art wall, i plan on adding more here by artists i admire

And my lovely "Heelian Coo" (Highland cow) Lucy 
 by the very talented Encaustic Beeswax Artist Janice Bannister

And my new sketchbook, that i spent a very pleasurable evening decorating 

And that's it! Very small room but perfect for my needs, i plan on adding many more storage shelves and bookshelves (where i'm going to fit them i do not know! I'll find a way!)

I know, i need to do a garden update, but sadly, there isn't much to report at the moment, as we haven't had much time to work on it. Everything is growing slowly but surely, apart from the courgettes which are literally shooting up! I must remember to take a picture for when i do the update. 
 Also, thank you for your lovely comments , they do make me smile :) and i'll be doing a blog round tonight and commenting :)

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Thanks for the tour of you creative space, my knitting achines were a sod to get back in the cases when we were moving, I was sure they had grown they put up such a fight :-)

  2. Oooh, a craft room of your very own! You are so lucky! I love Ugly Onion - cute in an ugly way. Love your Highland cow. And love notes; that is just so sweet.

    1. Lucky only because all of my arty stuff was driving the hubby mad as it was taking over the living room haha :D
      Isn't he adorable? He's so ugly he's cute!haha :D xxx

    2. Not sure if you are talking about hubby there or Ugly Onion?!!

    3. haha definitely Ugly Onion, Hubby is handsome as ever :) xx


Thank you for your comments, they are always appreciated :) <3


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