Monday, 31 August 2015

1001 Country Household Hints

Hi guys :)
I finally finished my shrug :) i love it! It fits wonderfully and is lovely and warm, though i am going to add a border around the back and shoulders.

What have i been up to?

First i had the wonderful idea that i wanted to weave something from wicker, haha...yeah that didn't work.
I took apart this old basket, soaked the bits in warm water for 24hrs and got started, failed rather miserably. I won't tell you what happened, or what was said... it cannot be repeated in polite company
.The wood from the basket shall not go to waste though, i have plans for it, so watch this space!

I've been baking some jam thumbprints! They bring so many memories of tea at my great nanas' :)  

And some banana brownies! Yummy!

I also got my first harvest of rosemary dried and chopped, yay! I have lots of plans for this little herb :) 
I planted out the onions, and they are growing well so far (this is an old photo from the other week, they have sprouted now!) :) 
And the leeks are growing wonderfully! 

Today i'm going to be watering them with a banana fertiliser, which is just banana peel in water in a jar left to sit for 48hrs.

A few months ago i showed you this book 1001 Country Household Hints by Mary Rose Quigg
This book has been invaluable to me over the years, so i think once a week i'm going to share some of the best hints and tips from the book in a blog post first, then make a page for them on the blog :)
This week there are mostly cleaning hints :)


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Gifts, Walks,Puppies and Yarn Along!

Hi guys :)

I've finally had time to write this! Everything suddenly seems to have picked up the pace and got going without a by-your-leave!

*Takes a breath*

I'm taking part in the Yarn Along this week as I've managed to take some time out to crochet myself a little wrap over shrug, this is an earlier photo, as i only have one sleeve to go :) 

I'm reading (for probably the hundredth time ) Never Look Back by Lesley Pearse 

Blurb from Lesleys' website;

(From the slums of Victorian London to a New World ...

Matilda Jennings was a poor flower girl in Covent Garden until the day she saved the life of a minister's daughter called Tabitha. Drawn into the bosom of little Tabitha's family, she little realises it will soon mean uprooting her own life.

For Matilda leaves Victorian London's slums and heads first for the darkest corners of New York, then beyond into the plains of the Wild West and San Francisco's gold rush. With only her beauty, intelligence and the strong will she forged on London's streets to guide her, Matilda must create a new life for herself and Tabitha. Between the sweat and tears, heartbreak and passion, she encounters Captain James Russell, a man in whom she might find true love. A love that must withstand separation, war and the birth pangs of a new nation. But through it all, Matilda knows she must never look back ...) 

Lesley is a wonderful author, who really draws you in to the characters' world and keeps you gripped right to the end. I can't ell you how many times i have sobbed along with the character 

My lovely hubby bought me chicken mug :) Of course, it is now my favourite

Look at these clever little things!! They've plonked themselves in and got to work, and are starting to thicken out and grow properly :)

A lovely friend gave me a wonderful gift of seeds! So many seeds! By this time next year the whole garden should be chock a block!

It is too late for some of them, but i have sowed the onions as they had started to soften

I also got to puppy-sit this handsome little man :)

The Bearded Wonder and I took ourselves on a wander last week 

and i managed to snap a bee working hard


What have you been up to this week? :)

Friday, 7 August 2015

Slow Days, Painting,Shoes and News

Hi guys :)

This week has felt rather slow, i've barely left the house and haven't even gone on a walk! (hoping to remedy that this afternoon if the weather stays nice)

I decided the living was desperate for a splash of colour
I crocheted myself some yoga socks, to keep my feet warm whilst maintaining a grip on the mat

I made scrummy lasagne the other day, with plenty of leafy green stuff

Have you noticed a recurring colour in the above photos? Everything has blue in it :D
My favourite colour :)

And i had to finally buy some new shoes, as my sandals bit the dust :( 
Only £2 and very comfy!
(look at those huge clown feet!)

If any of you are interested, i have made a new blog for my yoga adventures etc, so i can separate it from here

In garden news the leeks seem to have settled in, i've been keeping an eye on them and snipping the tops regularly to stabilize them. The courgettes *knock on wood* are also doing well

What have you been up to this week? :) 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Fat Bottomed Girl To Fit Bottomed Girl - Yoga

Hi guys :) 

Ok, so my bottom isn't huge, i'm a size 10-12 depending on the day, but it is getting rather out of control, along with my stomach. Quite frankly, I'm sick of constantly seeing my flabby belly! Luckily, we do not own any full length mirrors, so i can't see my bottom too often! But, a few weeks ago i was trying on a pair of trousers in a charity shop changing room and I caught sight of it!
I nearly fainted! 
I decided to take action.
Now, i normally hate the idea of exercise, red in the face and covered in sweat is not a good look for me, but if i want to get rid of the parts I hate I have to do something, and that involves actually exercising.
It's not really about losing weight for me, just toning up and getting fitter.
I began looking around for a relatively low impact exercise routine that would gradually increase impact and build strength and stamina, and I came across yoga.

Of course, I'd heard of it, seen countless celebrities bending their bodies into unnatural shapes and contortions,smiling whilst they were doing it too!
 It seemed impossible, but the more I looked into the beginners videos, the more i liked the look of it. I also came across pilates, which the local community centre holds classes for so, I'm combining the two.
The pilates classes don't start again until mid august, so I'm following a few YouTube videos to get a head start.

I've been doing yoga for two weeks now, almost every morning, and I must say, I'm starting to feel the results already. It doesn't hurt nearly as much as my muscles are starting to stretch out, rather than resist, only this morning i managed to follow two different 20 minute videos, instead of just the one!
 I find myself shifting position in my chair and sitting up straight, instead of slumped over.

Also, I am hoping that combining pilates will help tone up my arms too, The Bearded Wonder took this the other week when i was spinning wool, and my arm took me completely by surprise! I look like Popeye!
 My left arm has always had defined muscles, as I'm left handed and favour it when I am carrying things, but i didn't realise how big it was. you can't really see it from this photo but the fat under the arm is quite flabby too, so that has got to go!

I have taken a picture of my backside, for comparison, but I'm too embarrassed to show you it just now, maybe in a few months and compare it with a more recent photo at the time.
What are you up to this week?


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