Sunday, 2 August 2015

Fat Bottomed Girl To Fit Bottomed Girl - Yoga

Hi guys :) 

Ok, so my bottom isn't huge, i'm a size 10-12 depending on the day, but it is getting rather out of control, along with my stomach. Quite frankly, I'm sick of constantly seeing my flabby belly! Luckily, we do not own any full length mirrors, so i can't see my bottom too often! But, a few weeks ago i was trying on a pair of trousers in a charity shop changing room and I caught sight of it!
I nearly fainted! 
I decided to take action.
Now, i normally hate the idea of exercise, red in the face and covered in sweat is not a good look for me, but if i want to get rid of the parts I hate I have to do something, and that involves actually exercising.
It's not really about losing weight for me, just toning up and getting fitter.
I began looking around for a relatively low impact exercise routine that would gradually increase impact and build strength and stamina, and I came across yoga.

Of course, I'd heard of it, seen countless celebrities bending their bodies into unnatural shapes and contortions,smiling whilst they were doing it too!
 It seemed impossible, but the more I looked into the beginners videos, the more i liked the look of it. I also came across pilates, which the local community centre holds classes for so, I'm combining the two.
The pilates classes don't start again until mid august, so I'm following a few YouTube videos to get a head start.

I've been doing yoga for two weeks now, almost every morning, and I must say, I'm starting to feel the results already. It doesn't hurt nearly as much as my muscles are starting to stretch out, rather than resist, only this morning i managed to follow two different 20 minute videos, instead of just the one!
 I find myself shifting position in my chair and sitting up straight, instead of slumped over.

Also, I am hoping that combining pilates will help tone up my arms too, The Bearded Wonder took this the other week when i was spinning wool, and my arm took me completely by surprise! I look like Popeye!
 My left arm has always had defined muscles, as I'm left handed and favour it when I am carrying things, but i didn't realise how big it was. you can't really see it from this photo but the fat under the arm is quite flabby too, so that has got to go!

I have taken a picture of my backside, for comparison, but I'm too embarrassed to show you it just now, maybe in a few months and compare it with a more recent photo at the time.
What are you up to this week?


  1. I don't like exercise that much I do like a walk, I got a cross trainer free and have been doing 10 mins a day on that, I went from a 16 to 12 in 2 years, but I think that was a combination of stress and cancer, I would ideally like to be a 10, I find eating less helps, good luck with the yoga, xx

    1. I enjoy walking too :) I'm hoping that adding in the weekly walks will help too, especially thigh and bottom-wise, I used to have a cross trainer too, but we didn't have room for it in the moving van so it got sold :(
      Wow!If you had cancer then no wonder you were stressed! Are you cancer free now? xx <3

    2. About 2 months ago I got the all clear, xx

    3. Oh fantastic! Well done you :D xx

  2. Good luck with it all, I couldnt stick to an exercise routine if i was paid to, I get bored with it, since moving and having a complete lifestyle change I have dropped a stone and a half and starting to tone up, so I am happy with that :-)

    1. Thank you Dawn :D I don't think i could normally, but the best thing about yoga is you can fit it n anywhere, and i'm enjoying it at the same time, so i don't feel miserable and not wanting to it haha :D
      Ooh you lucky thing! Well done you :D xxx

  3. I used to exercise regularly , meaning every day from the time my 5 children were little through my grandchildren watching me do what I called my bumpies for my bottom. My bumpies became famous with my children, their friends, my grandchildren and their friends and anyone who called when I was doing them and were told that I was there but doing my bumpies :) These were done to help my bottom which was my biggest problem area ! I then took to jogging when I turned 60 :) I loved jogging but now had to stop because of my health :( I hope to start again though. I love your attitude and your writing is so honest upbeat and comical at times. You will do well in everything that you set your mind too, no doubt about it <3 I love to follow your Empire of Dirt and reading it always makes me smile because you go full force into life with a gusto that and a sense of humor that will always make you succeed in all you do <3 xxx

    1. Ooh bumpies sound intriguing! How do you do them? I love the fact that they became so famous :D
      I'm proud of you for being brave enough to go jogging! I wouldn't dare in this village with amount of hills we have, someone would find me collapsed in a sweaty heap halfway up! haha :D I'm pleased you love the blog, i try my hardest to make it as fun as possible to read, whilst keeping it real :) <3 xxx


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