Monday, 31 August 2015

1001 Country Household Hints

Hi guys :)
I finally finished my shrug :) i love it! It fits wonderfully and is lovely and warm, though i am going to add a border around the back and shoulders.

What have i been up to?

First i had the wonderful idea that i wanted to weave something from wicker, haha...yeah that didn't work.
I took apart this old basket, soaked the bits in warm water for 24hrs and got started, failed rather miserably. I won't tell you what happened, or what was said... it cannot be repeated in polite company
.The wood from the basket shall not go to waste though, i have plans for it, so watch this space!

I've been baking some jam thumbprints! They bring so many memories of tea at my great nanas' :)  

And some banana brownies! Yummy!

I also got my first harvest of rosemary dried and chopped, yay! I have lots of plans for this little herb :) 
I planted out the onions, and they are growing well so far (this is an old photo from the other week, they have sprouted now!) :) 
And the leeks are growing wonderfully! 

Today i'm going to be watering them with a banana fertiliser, which is just banana peel in water in a jar left to sit for 48hrs.

A few months ago i showed you this book 1001 Country Household Hints by Mary Rose Quigg
This book has been invaluable to me over the years, so i think once a week i'm going to share some of the best hints and tips from the book in a blog post first, then make a page for them on the blog :)
This week there are mostly cleaning hints :)



  1. You have been busy, wandered what you were up to, home made baking is so much nicer than shop bought, can you tell me how you dry your Rosemary?, x

    1. haha very much so! I do still read blogs, but keep forgetting to comment as i end up getting distracted lol :)
      I just pop it hanging up in the pantry for 2 weeks, or until the leaves are brittle the remove the stems, chop and pop them in a jar. I'll put up a post with pictures :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you my love! You should make one :) xx

  3. Never heard of banana fertilizer. What a great idea!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. SO far it seems to be working :) I'm also making nettle tea for them, which should be stewed in a couple of weeks :) x

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine :-) Glad to have found you. Love the tip on the lemon air freshener such a simple idea but bet the room smells so fresh may have to try that one. Nothing like home baking :-) Your leeks are looking great haven't heard about the banana fertilizer does it help to feed them? dee x

    1. You're very welcome :) And thank you for popping over :)
      Isn't it? I always do it, even just when we go out for a day, I also make a air freshener out of lemons, cloves and a few spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, pop them in a jar of water and makes the room smell just like Christmas!

      Bananas are packed full of good minerals, including potassium, which helps them build up resistance to pests and diseases, promotes strength, which is especially good for leeks :) and that's just the start! I'll write a longer post about the benefits in a few days :) xx

  5. Your crochet shrug looks lovely! Did you use a pattern?

    I like the sound of banana fertiliser, my poor garden is a little lacking in nutrients so I keep making nettle/weed tea for it, but I bet it'd like banana tea as a change! ( I will have to find some one to give me banana skins, and wear a peg on my nose while I use it though, I hate the smell of bananas!)

    1. Thank you :) No, i just made it up as i went along using a granny stitch haha :)
      Great minds think alike, as i'm also making nettle tea for them :) I used to hate bananas too, but for some reason i've become obsessed with them in the past few months, it's strange how your tastes change isn't it? :) xx

  6. Banana fertiliser - what a great idea!
    Looks like you have been busy. The leeks are looking wonderful.
    The shrug looks gorgeous - love it! And look forward to seeing the basket in its new life as ......I wonder!

    1. Very haha but i love it that way, then at the end of the day i can just flop into bed and chill out and then get a good sleep :)
      And thank you, i've finished the secret basket project, i'll pop it in my next post which should be in a few days :) xx


Thank you for your comments, they are always appreciated :) <3


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