Friday, 11 September 2015

Wonderful Surprises and Hows That For Irony?

Well this has been a funny old week.
So far i've had two surprises

If you remember I bought a plunger, all ready for washing and was full of grand plans for making a bucket washing machine, and then a very good friend turns up with this!
 For free! 
So that was surprise number one,how's that for ironic? haha :) 

The bad news, is that after a look under the sink, we don't actually have the pipe that attaches to the waste trap...which is no surprise in this house! 
So, i reported it to the housing association, and am waiting to hear back.
I gave it a try and put the pipe in my washing tub to catch the water!
 My goodness it is loud! After going for so long without one, the noise level gave me quite a shock! Especially on the spin cycle.

Surprise number two was this!
A gas cooker! Brought to me by the same friend, it cost only £20!
More bad news is the gas pipe won't fit because when they refurbished the kitchen before we moved in (though you wouldn't know to look at it lol) they built an extra cupboard next to the sink and now the gas pipe won't fit because the gap between the pipe on the wall and the cupboard is too narrow, and also the pipe is capped, so another problem to report to the housing association!
I have beautiful cooker and i can't even cook on it yet :( 
But i have lots of ideas for what i'm going to make :)

On a happier note, i made my first French onion soup! Oh my goodness! It was delicious!
I sprinkled cheese on top and made cheese on toast to go with it :)

I also spotted my first ever toadstool on a walk with friends.
Isn't it adorable? :)

I couldn't get a very good picture due to slow shutter speed

What have you been up to?


  1. Hopefully the housing association won't keep you waiting to long xx

    1. They replied this morning asking for more details on the gas pipe, why they need more details is beyond me, considering i told them it was capped, there are no more details haha! xx

    2. Sounds like typical workmen stalling tactics xx

  2. How fantastic that you got a washer and cooker! You have a good friend there. I hope you will be able to use both very soon. X

    1. Oh yes, she's a true angel :) and i hope so too! keeping everything crossed haha :) xx

  3. Do you not know a plumber or somebody handy who will fit the washer for you? I wouldn't wait for the housing association to fix it.

    1. Sadly no :( i will keep on at them, it has worked in the past haha they'll soon get sick of me :D x

  4. So happy that you have now a lovely washing machine and a cooker but I am sorry you are unable to use them. I have been with Knightstone housing for 16 years and I have always found them great so hopefully yours will be good to and wont take to long to get them both sorted out for you. dee x

    1. Sadly the washing machine was not to be :( I'll go into more detail on my next post though. Persistence pays off though, they are referring the cooker to their "gas supervisor" to see if he can get the job done! What a palaver! xxx


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