Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Hedgehog drama and bed linen love :)

Hi Guys :) 
Well, i had quite the shock last Thursday when i found this little guy tangled up in the netting over my leeks!
I ran to get to wake up The Bearded Wonder and he cut him free whilst i held him.

The poor little soul was caught up so badly some of the netting was really wound tight around his spines. i brought him inside and wrapped him up and popped him in a box and called our local wildlife rescue

I dread to think how long he had been stuck as it had been at least a day and a half since i had last been in the garden :(
Wildlife rescue came to collect him that evening and i am happy to report he is doing well, they got the rest of the netting off and he has been eating and drinking :) They are now going to keep him in over winter as he was too small to have survived, so, in a strange way, it was good that he got caught up in the netting.
Does that make sense? ha-ha

Now, i have a confession to make... i LOVE bed linen!
There is something about climbing into fresh clean and pretty sheets that i just adore
Strangers and pilgrims had a great post today devoted to linen and linen closets
 (i must find a place for mine!)
I picked up this lovely set yesterday, i volunteer once a fortnight at a clothing bank, and as we are on a low income we can pick up things if we need them
So i got this and this lovely blue throw, which will be perfect for winter :)
Isn't it divine? *happy sigh* 

I also spent a happy afternoon the other day sorting our wardrobe, so for now, it is nice and tidy :) 

Making a space for growing collection of hats and bandanna's.

I also made a "saddle bag" for the bike to hold tools and puncture repairs, i just unpicked the stitching on one of the side pockets of an old handbag so i just need to add straps to it and it's ready to go! how's that for upcycling? :D
Apparently there is a place up the road that sells cheap bikes , so i'm going to have a look tomorrow to see if i can get one for the hubby :)


  1. That's great that you rescued the hedgehog, I'm glad he/she is doing well. I love fresh bedding too it has a lovely scent xx

    1. Thank you :) it does have a lovely scent, especially if it has been dried on the line and full of fresh air :) xx

  2. Bless you I completely understand about you meant with the hedgehog and I can agree he ended up with you for a reason and you saved his life just think next year he will be bigger and stronger and able to wonder again :-) love your bed linen and the blue patch work throw is gorgeous. Well done on your saddle back that is clever. If you ever get the chance to own a greyhound you wont regret it they are the most amazing animals and make perfect pets. They actually only need 2 twenty minute walks a day but will go longer. They sleep most of the day and don't cost much to feed and they also don't shed lots of hair. They are gentle and so loving I could go on and on ;-) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

    1. It was definitely fate for the wee man, he was the sweetest little thing, you never know, i may see him again next year as they release him quite close to where we live :)
      the patchwork throw has made me want to actually make the bed haha :) xx

  3. Poor little fellow, they always seem to get in a pickle.
    Well done you for helping out in the clothes bank, lovely bed linen, I don't have an airing cupboard any more, but it is all in a built in cupboard.

    1. i know the poor wee man :( but he is safe and sound now thank goodness haha :)
      We do have a cupboard in the spare room but it is full of boxes and clutter, with no shelves :( but i do plan on doing something about it! i dream of beautiful cupboard full of pretty linen and beautiful colours xx

  4. So glad that you found the little hedgehog and he was saved. You are it's hero <3 The blue bed throw is beautiful. I too love them. I also love old table clothes.

    1. Thank you y love :) <3 i adore table cloths too, i am going to embroider a few at some point :) xxx


Thank you for your comments, they are always appreciated :) <3


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