Saturday, 14 November 2015

Art Exhibition- Done!

Part One: The Carnage

Hi guys!!
It's finally here! After our lovely volunteers running around all week like headless chickens we can finally let out a sigh of relief. All of the part one photo's were taken on the Thursday.

Now, i'll warn you now, it's chock a block with pictures, so go get a cuppa, settle in and i'll tell all.

 (To see bigger photos, just click on the picture you want to see :) )
First, the carnage.
This is only one of the rooms that we prepared the boards in

A beautiful painting of the artist's(one of many) mum and friends in a local care home

a local cyclist

Children at the local nature reserve and allotments

One of my boards, local children drew the kites and i assembled some on the board

More allotment boards

My knitting :)

One of my drawings, turned into a clock :)

Knitted cushions, doorstop and a hat,by the community centre's manager

Knitted square with poppies, the church and wind turbines :)

Local faces and businesses 

Another allotment board

The templates from screenprinting a banner (in the next post , i think.)

The knit and natter board :)

The drawings in the middle are by local artist Alison Diamond, the knitting hands are mine. I love the  way i put it together, as if they are knitting the photographs together

Putting up some of the paintings, again by Alison Diamond 

One of the churches 
Waiting to be hung :) 

"La toilette" By Alison Diamond

"Silvercross" by Alison Diamond

"Red Slide" By Alison Diamond

Part Two- The Opening And The Weekend

On Friday we opened the exhibition with the children processing to both churches, along with a samba band
Meanwhile, we were in the background, The Bearded Wonder catered and made soup for everyone (delicious, by the way, we've brought some home!)
We served the soup, hot chocolate and brownies :)

He cooked the soup on Thursday evening, with me as sous chef  (we didn't get home till 12;30!

That handsome face! <3

This morning i was up and about again, at both churches taking photo's etc :)

The textile group and knit and natter things  :) 
A weaving loom 

A stunning rug woven by Sabine, a local smallholder and fibre artist 
More wooly goodness, either woven, knitted or crocheted 

A whole basket of lovely woollyness! This is Manx Loaghtan , a rare breed sheep, with some beautiful spindles, owned by Louisa, another local smallholder, rent-a-peasant, archaeologist and fibre artist , quite a lot of strings to her bow!

The lovely Lousia and her smallholding

The Blanket!!

After months of hard work from everyone i would like to present to you...

  Our beautiful blanket
To be raffled off at a Coffee Morning Extravaganza, that i shall be going into more detail in another post

The detail and hard work that had gone into this blanket is stunning

The lacy ones are mine (a Victorian lattice square, in case you wanted to know lol :)

 More beautiful artwork

One of the screen printed banners

The second banner

Lots of hands heavily featured in the exhibition

 The wind turbines, in a sort of pop art style

I love these ones, by a local artist called Romy.

And lastly, the local faces on display :)

Phew!  All of the hard work has paid off, and my brain has been fried in the process! haha! :) 

I realise i have left out some of the artists names, but my brain will not remember them! I'll try and find out tomorrow and add them in :)

So there it is, all done and dusted until Thursday, when we take everything down again.

Hope you liked it! :)


  1. what a fantastic community exhibition, such a lovely variety of work, wishing you all lots of success :-)

    1. Thanks hun, it was amazing! gone a bit flat now everything is over haha :) xx

  2. Wow you have been busy, glad you have enjoyed it x

    1. Oh i did, i'm completely shattered but it was so worth it! :) xx

  3. So many great things! Congratulations to you all!! xx

    1. Thank you :D it was truly amazing to finally see everything in their places and everyone enjoyed seeing their artwork so appreciated :) xx


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