Saturday, 21 November 2015

Warm In Winter and Baking Day

Hi guys :)
(Yes, I've changed the blog again, it desperately needed a refresh- variety is the spice of life, right?)

Well, the snow is here, in case you haven't guessed by looking out of your own windows ;)
I had to dive out in the snow this morning to rescue my poor leeks! 
As you can see from the photo these were the only ones I managed to save :( I think the  others had decided to go to seed as they hadn't grown any more. Never mind. At least I've grown something rather than nothing :)

I really don't like snow that much. It looks pretty, but it's a pain to walk in, as we live at the bottom of a hill, and the shop is on the other side of it! Luckily, we went food shopping yesterday and got everything we'd need for the fortnight, and got last bits and pieces today, so we won't need to leave  the house at all :)  
I'll admit it does look very pretty

Yesterday i dug out the thick duvet and added an extra blanket as well as the blue throw
I also picked up this flannel sheet the other day when volunteering at the clothing bank, and my goodness the difference in warmth when getting into bed with a flannel sheet is amazing! Sooo lovely and warm, and you don't get that cold shock that you normally get when you have normal sheets, i highly recommend them for winter! 

I'm doing lots of baking and cooking today, I've got a chicken roasting ready for teatime, then the bones are going into the slow cooker for stock,I've already got lots of veg scraps in the freezer ready to go in too :) Then with some of the stock I'm making lentil soup, the rest shall be frozen.

I  also made some delicious scones
and a rather funky looking loaf of bread, but i promise, it was delicious! 
It shall be going with the lentil soup later :)


  1. Snow, where are you? it has gone cold here today,bit of a shock to the system. Soup weather for sure.x

    1. a wee village west of Co durham on a hill so we get all of the bad weather haha :) i'm soooo looking forward to my soup, it just needs to hurry up and cook now haha :) xx

  2. I want a scone now! I hope you're keeping safe and warm. I keep meaning to look at buying some brushed cotton sheets. I bet they're lovely and cosy. X

    1. haha i've just tested them and they were delicious! perfect for such a rotten cold day :)

      You most definitely have to get those sheets, honestly, they are so cosy and warm, they've made such a difference on a freezing cold night :) xx

  3. No snow here but we are going through lots of logs in the range. Free-bird is one of my all time favourite classic rock tracks.

    1. luckily it was a one night wonder and was gone rather quickly thank goodness!
      Free bird is one of my faves too :)

  4. Love the new look to the blog, we had snow too, but life goes on regardless of the weather, the scones look lovely :-)

    1. Itsn't it lovely? i do love pretty things haha :)
      luckily the snow went rather quickly and hasn't been back, so with any luck that'll be it for a good while :)
      i can confirm through many tastings the scones were delicious ;) xx

  5. Loving the blog change it looks lovely and cosy. So does your home I do like a flannet sheet much warmer I agree there. I have been making soup a lot to just lately its that time of year again :-) Bet your leeks were tasty. dee x

    1. I love the blog change too :) it's the perfect change for winter, i'll probably change again in the spring to something light and frothy haha
      luckily you can only see a wee part of the house, if you saw the rest you would faint with shock! ;)
      The leeks were delicious, the middles went in the soup and the tops and ends have gone into the freezer waiting to be made into stock xx


Thank you for your comments, they are always appreciated :) <3


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