Saturday, 12 December 2015

Dashing Through The Snow!

Hi guys! :) 

I expect you are wondering how the Coffee Morning went? 
It was amazing! 
We raised a grand total of £447.00!

We held it in aid of Tabitha's Toys (click the link for more info), a little girl who sadly had Edwards Syndrome, and her parents set up the charity to provide sensory toys for children with complex disabilities in the north east, free of charge.
So the money we raised will go towards more sensory toys and equipment :)

Irritatingly, i don't have a record of the day because i completely forgot to pick up my camera before i left :( 
But i can say with great certainty it was a success!
We sold lots of things we had made, and cakes and of course tea and coffee, 
We held two raffles, the community businesses were wonderful and donated a lot of prizes,and first prize was a luxury hamper that the knit and natterers put together, and we raffled off the blanket we made, and guess what? 
The winner was one of our own knit and natterers husbands, she persuaded him to buy a few more tickets before he went home and he obviously has a lucky streak :)

Brrrr!! It's so chilly!
The heavens opened this morning and we got a HUGE snowfall!
It's only just starting to slow down now.
This was this morning, about 10:30 
Then to this in just a few hours!
 You can also see where the fence fell down last week, i must get onto the landlord to fix it! (yet another job!)
This bush is where the birds normally sit and chatter  

Hopefully that is the end of it now, it's so high if it carries on we'll be snowed in tomorrow,  we are at a Christmas lunch on Monday at the community centre and we can't miss that as The Bearded Wonder is helping with the cooking!

Not that i'm complaining or anything... haha ;) 

I've finally finished my hot water bottle cover, this has been on my hook for about 3 weeks as i kept forgetting about it. 

 We also finally got a very lovely new wardrobe, courtesy of a kind bloke from freecycle, and i must say, it looks very well in our room, as if it it was made for that corner :)
It's nice to be able to hang things up again

This is the main reason that i kept forgetting about my hot water bottle cover, as well as the coffee morning i've been making my Christmas cards 

All hand drawn :) sorry the photo is so rubbish, my hand wouldn't stay still when i was taking the picture.
I've also been busy with my tree, which we also got for free from a lovely friend, after it turned out we managed to leave ours at the old house when we moved! How i did that i do not know, as i'd have sworn i put the tree in the van, but apparently not!
Everything on it is hand made, (which i'm incredibly pleased about!) apart from one garland at the top which i got from poundland.
I still have a few things to make, as i want to make a pine cone garland, and some twig stars, so they are still on my list of things to forage for :)

I love my little white ornaments, i made them from baking soda clay, which is basically cornflour, baking soda and water, then heated in a pot and stirred until it forms a ball 
It's lovely to work with :)

Ok, so far i think i've covered everything, this post turned out a bit longer than i'd planned haha :)

So what ave you guys been up to? :)


  1. Well done on raising money for charity, I love Freecycle we have had quite a lot of good stuff off people lately, I am addicted to it.x

    1. Thank you , it was so much fun to do :)
      I adore freecycle, we would have much more faster if we had transport to pick things up, but never mind haha :) xx

  2. Wow, what a lot of snow! We haven't had any yet! I love your hot water bottle cover, and your tree, both so pretty :)

    1. i had a fun job attempting to get up the hill to go to the shop in the snow, nearly went face first a few times haha :)
      And thank you :) they were so much fun to make, and i still have more to do, which is typical :)

  3. I like your hot water bottle cover. You sell them.

    1. Thank you :) i think i will, would you like one? :)

  4. So glad that the coffee morning went so well! Congratulations and well done!! Your home sounds as though it is getting all set for Christmas, I hope that you enjoy your preparations. xx

    1. Thank you! :) we are so very pleased, and will most likely be planning the net one in the near future haha :)
      I'm very good on the decorating side, not so much on what we are actually going to eat yet , but it will come together eventually :) xx


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