Thursday, 17 December 2015

Homemade Non Alcoholic Ginger Wine

Hi guys :)
I was introduced to this delicious drink when we were peeling potatoes for the Christmas lunch last Sunday, and today i gave it a go and made my own. 
It's soooo yummy, it will blow your head off if you gulp it down, like my poor unfortunate hubby did, before i could warn him, but if you sip it nicely it is really quite lovely.
It's non alcoholic and it makes the perfect warming winter drink 
(apart from mulled cranberry juice, of course!)

All you need is ginger compound, 1.6kg of sugar and 5 pints of water
Notice the chicken lurking in the background?

The basic recipe is just stir in the sugar with 5 pints of hot water, let it cool then stir in the full bottle of the compound then pour into sterilized screw cap glass bottles :)

Another chicken lurking, these guys get everywhere!

A great tip i got from a friend was to stir in a cube or two of jelly, to give it a more fruity taste , i chose blackcurrant :)

I got the extra hot version, as that was all they had in the chemists, so if you find it's too hot you can dilute it with water
Will you try it?


  1. I will make a batch up next week :-)

    1. i shall be watching your blog to make sure! i am holding you to it ;) xx

  2. Non Alcoholic no good for me then :-) only joking, sounds lovely x

    1. haha with any luck i shall be making my own alcohol next year! :) honestly, it's sooo delicious, it's even more so mixed with lemonade xx

  3. Oooooh might have to give this a try! great post, thanks


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