Thursday, 31 December 2015

Round Up

Hi guys, Happy New Year :D
Would you believe it'll be a year in late Feb since we moved here, where did that go?

And what a year!
I've made so many new friends, in real life and through blogging, and i was kept busier than i ever expected to be. For which i am eternally grateful.

When i first started this blog i had a list of things that i wanted to learn and do throughout the year
Some of them i have done, but a lot seem to have fallen by the wayside, so i am going to keep the list and add to it for this year

The Old List

Crafts and Home

Master the knitting machine- nope, but in my defense i need 4ply yarn which i am still looking for a bargain on.

Make jumpers/socks/blankets etc from said machine- As above
Crochet more clothes and things for the home- Check- i am currently crocheting a blanket, and have made a few small things including Christmas decorations
Spin yarn- Check!
Weave-not yet, i have the kit, but just need to find the right project
Make all home made Christmas gifts- not quite, but as above, i have made my own decorations
Decorate the house- Not yet, as can't afford the paint i want :)


Convert at least half of the garden into a veg garden (the other half paved over to add a table and chairs etc and flowers for the bees)- still in the pipeline for next year

Build raised beds- As above
Grow a variety of veg and herbs successfully- As above-this year most of them died :(
Make a compost bin- i've made a compost pile instead ;)
A pond? (i doubt it, but i can hope, can't i?)- still possibly in the pipeline
Acquire a shed (again, pretty hopeful, but you never know) As above
Acquire a small greenhouse-As above


Master bread baking! Check! First on the list to be "ticked off"
Make more sauces from scratch and can them-going to can them next year if i can afford the jars,otherwise i'll freeze them


Dry herbs and make loose leaf teas - still waiting to grow the things first! Though my rosemary is still alive :)
Make basic medicines- waiting to grow the herbs to make them with
Make soaps and cleaning agents- I've made rosemary scented all purpose cleaner and apple cider vinegar so far :)

So, what can i add/change on this list?
For a start, more homemade drinks, which i have already got a head start on, i would LOVE to try and make my own alcohol , so i shall certainly be adding that.
Preserving foods, i would like to make more jams/chutneys/pickles etc

I would also like to start water bath canning, as soon as i can get the proper jars (Soooo expensive!!)
Build/find bigger and better shelves for the pantry

To be honest, i've ran out of ideas lol
Maybe monthly goals of some form?
Ideas, anyone?


  1. A massive list for one year, why not break it down into smaller segments it will not seem so daunting then. Perhaps build one raised bed and plant it up, then Level part of garden for patio area. I have a large collection of seeds and would happily send you some if you like. Pallets will break apart for raised beds if you can find some.

    1. Good idea Pam :) problem is, i'm terribly impatient and want it all done at once haha
      Partly because we can't afford not to at least start growing our own food :( that's the main priority, i don't mind really if the some of others don't get done as quickly, but quite a few rely on me growing the food to use them in other parts of the list
      I'm actually thinking of putting cardboard down over the whole thing and seeing if it kills off all the grass and weeds by spring

      Some seeds would be lovely, i do have some, but they are mostly herbs, and it's always interesting to try new varieties
      You're very kind :) xx

    2. Woo Hoo you have won the Kirstie book, let me have your snail mail address and I will send it off to you, and pop some seeds in there too.

  2. Well I think you have plenty to keep yourself busy, looking forward to seeing your progress, happy new year to you and the bearded wonder xx

    1. Definitely! Fingers crossed nothing scuppers my plans, but i have a feeling it's going to be a very good year :)
      Happy New Year to you, your hubby and son :) xx

  3. Happy New Year! Here's to a good 2016! xx

    1. Happy New Year Amy, here's to a very good new 2016! *Raises cup of coffee* Cheers! xx

  4. you have done really well and deserve a pat on the back, wishing you both a wonderful 2016 how about adding foraging to your list :-)

    1. Thank you Dawn :) I'd like to start foraging, and have done it few times, but only with something i know really well, i don't trust myself yet to correctly identify most things haha :D i shall be educating myself more on foraging and obscure herbs though :)
      Happy New Year :) xx

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Jo, here's to a great year :) xx

  6. A Happy New Year to you. That is a lot to do in a year I agree about breaking it up into smaller chunks, would it help to prioritise too what will save you the most money in the long run maybe? Have you looked in charity shops for yarn? I have often seen cones of yarn in charity shops round our way ;)

    1. A Very Happy New Year to you too :) Has it been good so far?

      It's just figuring out what to prioritize, i know the big one is to sort out growing veg,fruits and herbs, the others can wait, over the course of two years maybe?
      To e honest, i like having a big list, then looking at it and seeing what i can do free/ for little money, it's one of my favourite things to do haha :)
      I've been scouring charity shops, but nothing so far :( either that or it's too expensive at the time, i've also been looking on gumtree, but the ones i see are always so flipping far away lol
      I'll get there eventually :) xx

  7. I like your New List for a New year, very inspiring. The one thing I want to do is make more handmade gifts. I have also always wanted to grow mint to make fresh mint tea, mmm delish xxxx All the best for 2016! Leah

    1. Thank you Leah :) I'm actually inspired someone! *blushes and swoons* I love making gifts for friends and loved ones, it's just so much fun, figuring out what they'd like, choosing various ingredients/supplies, and of course, the gift wrap!
      Ooh mint is on my list of things to grow this year too, i'm sooo looking forward to making my own tea blends :)

      Happy New Year and all the best :) xx

  8. I just happened to see your reply to Amy at Love Made My Home blog about loving books and I thought I must look at your blog as books are my life (well, after husband and children and grandson, and some very dear friends of course.) I've just looked at that ambitious list for 2016 and feel tired just reading it! I hope you succeed. I don't make Resolutions but I do have good intentions (with which the road to a certain hot place is said to have been paved!) but I hope to be able to keep my three intentions going for a year. Just three makes them easier to remember, so I might be onto a winner here!
    Margaret P

    1. Oooh another book lover :D Welcome to the club - we have biscuits and fresh cake!haha :)
      I think i'm going to cut them down and devise small different priority lists, if that makes sense?
      I figure the bigger the list the more likely it is that i'm going to get at least a few done :)
      I never make Resolutions ;) xx

  9. Well Done! wishing you all the best with your list, and if you want a really easy project on the home made drinks front we did a super easy blog post about ginger beer this week ;)

    1. Thank you :) I saw the recipe the other day , i plan on attempting it as soon as get some ground ginger next week when i go shopping :D I'm looking forward to it x

    2. We could post you a starter if you want? then you don't have to worry about the yeast just add water and feed with sugar and ginger :)

    3. Ooh that would be lovely thank you, you are so kind! :) x

    4. if you email us with your details we'll try and send it next week when we go to the post office :) you can reach us on


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