Thursday, 21 January 2016


Hi guys, sorry i haven't been around much this week, i've been a very bad blogging neighbour, but i will try and get around everyone's blogs this evening

(This is my new mantra)

What a bloody week!
First, i was awoken by the Bearded Wonder in the early hours on Sunday morning having chest pains and violently shivering, my poor hubby has a heart murmur, so this was doubly worrying, though i distinctly remember saying "what do you expect me to do about it?" thinking he was just cold (i'm not a great thinker when i've just woken up lol) then grumpily told him to go make me a cup of tea to get his circulation going , then i sort of got my act together, 999 was called and i was instructed to give him 4 aspirin and wait for the ambulance to turn up.

They came and checked him over and hooked him up to the heart monitor thingy whilst i rushed about like a headless chicken packing a bag, fully expecting to go to hospital, only to be told he was fine and it was most likely a panic attack due to having mild chest pains all evening (which he conveniently forgot to mention to me)
So they went away and we stumbled our way back to bed and slept in until 11, which brings us nicely to the second "drama"
The boiler had broken. 

Now in our neck of the woods when it snows, it really snows. 
Not for us the light sprinkling most places seem to blessed with, and of course, being snowy and icy it was REALLY flipping cold! You wouldn't have needed a fridge to keep your milk fresh in this house, just place it next to the closest window. 
The emergency engineer was called out and we were informed that it was either a gas valve or the spark generator and he didn't have the parts and would have to come back either Monday or Tuesday, once the part was ordered and delivered (luckily we are with a housing association or it would have cost a fortune!)
So, we accepted this with good grace, we had hot water bottles and blankets ,and we bundled up in our gloves and hats. Monday came and went and in the evening i rang the emergency line only to be told that an appointment wasn't available until THURSDAY!! Well i was livid!  The poor girl on the phone got a bit of an earful (i know it wasn't her fault but i was past caring at that point) so she got another bloke to come around with some emergency heating in the form of electric heaters, which eat up the electric like nobody's business (in 3 days it has used up £6!)
We also remembered that we have an electric fire (we don't use it so we often forget we have it) so we had a little extra warmth (what a couple of dimwits we are haha )

And, just to top it off, because of the icy cold temperatures the smoke alarm had decided it had had enough (hadn't we all?) and went off every time the hallway door was left open for a second too long. 

Another engineer came today and according to him it only needed re-setting!
 5 DAYS with no heating or hot water (i was soooo desperate for a hot bath).

I did get cheered up by this lovely little chap though, who we puppy-sit every now and then for a friend.
He's such a funny little thing, he's at that adolescent stage and is constantly getting up to mischief.

This morning, he had only been in the house 15 minutes when he decided he wanted to see what was on the other side of the TV and knocked the clock off that was sitting on top of it. it's a good job the TV is an old heavy big backed one haha

Maybe if i hide under the table she won't notice i broke the clock

So, i think that's pretty much covered my rant,  i shall be popping over and reading everyone's news shortly.

Fat SOS i got the ginger beer plant yesterday,thank you!
I shall be doing a post on that later in the week :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Bullet Journalling, Seed Preparing And Yarning Along

Hi guys :)
The other day, while scrolling through Pinterest, i came across the idea of a Bullet Journal 
The basic idea is to condense everything into one handy little book, if you click the link it will explain it much more succinctly than me. There's a video too :)
This is a great journal for me as i can personalize how i like, everything is in one place and this year i may actually manage to be organized!

I created my own little planner from an old hard back book that was falling apart
I covered it in pretty wallpaper samples
and added a pocket to slide in the blank notebook i got for Christmas
And added a little cartoon me :)

I am following the idea of the bullet journal for the most part, but the beauty of it is you can personalize it exactly to your needs

I created a layout that suited me, with morning, afternoon and evening sections

and my own little colour code system at the bottom, though this may change depending on if i find a better system. I also cut up last year's calender, that i got free from a crochet mag, and stuck them at the bottom, isn't it cute? :D

I've already added in Woolfest! :)

I've set mine up a little differently to the Bullet Journal, as i've added all of the monthly logs first, which mean's i've got it all out of the way and i won't get the the end of the notebook and have months missing if i've run out of space. If that makes sense? haha

I then set up 12 pages for notes/to do/ ideas for each month 

I've also added a little Quote Of The Month page, i made the boxes deliberately small, as i want to find quotes that are short and sweet.

And a blank space in the middle for doodling.

This morning i got out my seed stash, i didn't realize i had quite so many!

I certainly won't run out any time soon haha 

I've gone through them all and wrote down which ones need to be sown when 
This is the herbs and flowers list

and this is the veg one 

I am also joining in with Yarn Along
A very pretty blanket to snuggle under :)

Originally they were going to be just granny squares sewn together, but Poundland sadly doesn't stock this shade of green anymore so i sewed them into a big square and shall just go around and around in cream :) Pam , your lovely bag is doing an excellent job as a crochet bag, it was much admired at Knit and Natter last Thursday 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Look At What Came To My Door!

Hi guys :) 
Some of you will know that Pam over at A New Life In Wales had a little give-away last week, the prize being Kirstie Allsopp's Christmas Crafts book.
Well, by some miracle i actually won! (i never win anything!)

So she popped it in the post and it turned up this afternoon, and my goodness what a lovely , thoughtful lady Pam is.

I was expecting (as you do when a book is posted) for it to turn up in either a large cardboard envelope, or one of those little slim boxes you can buy for posting books and the like.

What i wasn't expecting was for a second Christmas to turn up, neatly packaged in a recycled Amazon box!


First out of the box was a mini mountain of sweets!
 I squealed and immediately popped a toffee in my mouth. Delicious! 
(Though i get the feeling they will have to be hidden away and rationed out, or the lovely Bearded Wonder will pinch the lot and i won't get a look in ;)  )

Next came the most beautiful hand sewn apron i have ever set eyes on! 
I don't want to use it and get it all dirty and covered in flour, so it may be put away and brought on on special occasion, perhaps when The Queen comes to tea :)

Underneath the apron came even more lovely gifts! 

An adorable little cosmetic bag, full of packets of seeds, i now have quite a collection! I'm very much looking forward to planting these :)

And just look at this hand sewn bag! Isn't it amazing? 
Pam, you are so talented!

And  last, but certainly not least, the book itself
I'm very much looking forward to reading it, and shall do so as soon as tea is cooked and eaten :)

Pam, thank you ever so much! 
You are so incredibly generous and kind, and i am privileged to have won such an amazing prize :)

In other not-nearly-such-exiting news, i found this at our local bargain shop

3.5kg of cake mix for £1.50!
Its best before date is the end of Feb, so i have up until March to get it all used up, as after that the quality starts to degrade.
I normally shy away from packet mixes like this, as it's cheaper to make it yourself, but for only £1.50 i certainly wasn't going to turn it down!
 Also, you can use it for so much more than just cakes, you can make biscuits, brownies, cupcakes and even sweet pastry for dessert pies, the list goes on :)

Yesterday i made some almond and sultana biscuits, even though i forgot to space them out properly, so they spread out and i ended up with a neat little puddle. 
I broke them up and they were delicious!

Well, our Tea is just about ready, so i'm off to eat then delve into my new book 

See you soon! :)


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