Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Look At What Came To My Door!

Hi guys :) 
Some of you will know that Pam over at A New Life In Wales had a little give-away last week, the prize being Kirstie Allsopp's Christmas Crafts book.
Well, by some miracle i actually won! (i never win anything!)

So she popped it in the post and it turned up this afternoon, and my goodness what a lovely , thoughtful lady Pam is.

I was expecting (as you do when a book is posted) for it to turn up in either a large cardboard envelope, or one of those little slim boxes you can buy for posting books and the like.

What i wasn't expecting was for a second Christmas to turn up, neatly packaged in a recycled Amazon box!


First out of the box was a mini mountain of sweets!
 I squealed and immediately popped a toffee in my mouth. Delicious! 
(Though i get the feeling they will have to be hidden away and rationed out, or the lovely Bearded Wonder will pinch the lot and i won't get a look in ;)  )

Next came the most beautiful hand sewn apron i have ever set eyes on! 
I don't want to use it and get it all dirty and covered in flour, so it may be put away and brought on on special occasion, perhaps when The Queen comes to tea :)

Underneath the apron came even more lovely gifts! 

An adorable little cosmetic bag, full of packets of seeds, i now have quite a collection! I'm very much looking forward to planting these :)

And just look at this hand sewn bag! Isn't it amazing? 
Pam, you are so talented!

And  last, but certainly not least, the book itself
I'm very much looking forward to reading it, and shall do so as soon as tea is cooked and eaten :)

Pam, thank you ever so much! 
You are so incredibly generous and kind, and i am privileged to have won such an amazing prize :)

In other not-nearly-such-exiting news, i found this at our local bargain shop

3.5kg of cake mix for £1.50!
Its best before date is the end of Feb, so i have up until March to get it all used up, as after that the quality starts to degrade.
I normally shy away from packet mixes like this, as it's cheaper to make it yourself, but for only £1.50 i certainly wasn't going to turn it down!
 Also, you can use it for so much more than just cakes, you can make biscuits, brownies, cupcakes and even sweet pastry for dessert pies, the list goes on :)

Yesterday i made some almond and sultana biscuits, even though i forgot to space them out properly, so they spread out and i ended up with a neat little puddle. 
I broke them up and they were delicious!

Well, our Tea is just about ready, so i'm off to eat then delve into my new book 

See you soon! :)


  1. Pam is a lovely generous lady, what a lovely package you have had.

    1. Isn't she just :) it was such a lovely surprise

      I've just read bout poor Daffodil, i'm so sorry for your loss hun :( xx

  2. Replies
    1. She certainly is :) i may have to do a wee giveaway of my own in the near future xx

  3. Oh that's a lovely parcel to receive. I've won one of Pam's give-aways before & she is always so generous xx

    1. She is very much so :) i'm honoured and can;t stop grinning everytime i see them :) xx

  4. I am glad that you liked your little surprise. Don't save the apron, use it. You can miss out on so much pleasure by saving things for "best". I use my Royal Albert china everyday, it the only set that I have.

    1. I did very much, the bag was much admired at my knit and natter group this morning, they all thought it was beautiful :)
      haha i shall use it then, and enjoy it :) Ooh i love Royal Albert china, so pretty xx

  5. I am loving your new blog layout it looks gorgeous and so cheerful :-) Pam is a lovely lady what a fabulous box of gifts so lovely to receive something unexpected. Those cookies look lovely I say its all about the taste and not the appearance in life. Have a lovely week, dee x

    1. Thank you Delia, that's exactly what i was aiming for :D
      It was such a nice surprise to receive, as i said a second Christmas haha you should have seen the look on my face :)

      Oh i can confirm that they were delicious, i have to make some more as they seem to have disappeared quite rapidly xx

  6. Wow what a wonderful package to receive! Have you invited the Queen yet?

    1. Well i sent a telegram, but no reply yet! I shall have to buy some new china for the occasion ;) xx

  7. Wow, lucky you, isn't it nice to get a lovely surprise.x

    1. I'm incredibly lucky, i still can't believe i won haha :) xx

  8. Pam is so lovely isn't she! A lovely treat from a lovely lady to another lovely lady! What could be better! xx

  9. cool care package, love the apron!


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