Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Loooonnngg one!

Hi guys! :)
Goodness it's been rather a while after my wee rant about the boiler breakdown. Thank you all for your kind comments,the Bearded Wonder is fine and well again :)

As usual, time ran away, dragging me along behind it lol

Last Saturday was my birthday, so i celebrated in a quiet, civilized fashion, with a cappuccino and a croissant :)

I got the most lovely necklace from a friend at knit and natter, the picture doesn't do it justice at all!
It's so pretty  and gently shimmers in the light

I also got a little jar of sea glass from another knitter, aren't they gorgeous? I could stare at them all day :)

In the post i received some lovely yarn from Amy at Love Made My Home, as i volunteered to do a little crochet pattern testing
(I love the card Amy, it so sweet! it's sitting on my desk :)  )

The pattern was a little sunflower, which is pinned up on my noteboard in the kitchen :)

I'm also foraying into the world of home brew through the post! 
Well, if you can call brewing ginger beer in a butter tub home brewing haha :D

The lovely Fast - SOS sent me a little package through containing a ginger beer plant (like a factory, not the leafy variety) with instruction to feed it every day for 7 days (feeling rather like Little Shop Of Horrors! Will it want my blood soon? hahaha)

This is the link to the Instructions, which will explain much better than I

I've got to feed it until next Monday by which time hopefully it will be ready for the next step :D I'm so exited!

This bit is rather picture heavy, but this is so much fun to do, and the possibilities are endless!
Remember the whole bullet journalling thing i've been doing, to help me plan better? Well, it didn't quite work. I just had too much to write in on some days!
So, last week i found this for the grand total of £1.50

It's a patent leather pocket Filofax.
It didn't come with any inserts so, in true Sophie style i made my own! (those things are expensive!) 
I also made some cute little ribboned paper clips (just because) 

The good thing about this project is t helps me work on my hand lettering , which desperately needs tuning up (i'm left handed )

I'm quite pleased with this one :) 
The week on two page layout was made by using some old index cards the hubby unearthed from a dusty box 

All they needed were the edges trimming off and hole punched, which is so old only one side of the punch works,and it doesn't always punch the whole way through so you have to wiggle it a bit lol,  not ideal but i'm investing in a new one next week!

The edges are being put to good use as a little shopping list at the front of the planner.

And some nice little white ones as a notepad

Again, practising hand lettering and giving myself a little positivity :)

This week, drawing on my own layout (what a pain! get one day wrong you have to start all over again, so now i'm extra careful and vigilant)

I also made some wee dividers, which may or may not change soon, as i'm awaiting some wallpaper samples, so i may make more in different colours :) 

April is a reminder to use a ruler, as you can see my hand writing is skew whiff 

There weren't quite enough pink index cards, so i'm also using green, yellow and blue.

Pink for Valentines
Green and Yellow for spring months
and Blue for summer 
I must find some other colours for Autumn and Winter :)

And lastly, i've used more of the leftovers as a little birthday list :)

I LOVE drawing and giving birthday (and Christmas) cards, so if you like, you can let me know when your birthday is and i'll happily send you one :)
You can email me at :

Thank to Freecycle i also have a nice little computer desk with a cupboard below as extra (desperately needed ) storage

And my lovely highland cow Lucy has found a permanent home (after almost two years lol)
She was gifted in return for one of my paintings a few years ago 

Isn't she sweet? 


  1. Lovely to catch up with you and your news. Happy Birthday!!!! Glad that you had a good time! xx

    1. Thank you Amy, i had a lovely day, nice and [peaceful for a change haha :) xx

  2. Glad to see you back! It's been so long we were just about to email and check you were ok.

    GREAT idea using the butter tub, If I'd thought of that I wouldn't have had to use up all the mason jars in the house! I've got another super easy home brew project that I'll post up next week, have a great weekend

    1. Aww thank you for your concern :) i do have a bad habit of going off and forgetting to blog every now and then haha
      I'm the mistress of improvisation, we always buy the huge tubs of butter for baking, so i keep them handy for use as biscuit tins etc

      oohh i'm looking forward to seeing the next project :D x

  3. Happy belated birthday wishes your gifts all look lovely. The ginger beer plant sounds very interesting and I will be keen to see what happens :-) Got to love a little Filofax. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

    1. Thank you Delia :) i also was spoiled by the Bearded Wonder with a new book and a Tablet thingabob is on it's way as my phone died not long back (more technology to get to grips with lol)
      I'm looking forward to drinking the ginger beer! I still have another week and a half to wait! boo!

  4. Belated Birthday Wishes xx
    I do love the purple filofax I must get one instead of having notebooks everywhere.
    Good to see you are using Freecycle, my craft desk came from there as well xx

    1. Thank you Marlene :)
      i love it too, i wasn't terribly keen on the purple to start with but i've grown to love it :)

  5. Happy belated birthday. Oh've fallen in to the world of Filofax, there's no hope for you. You got a great deal though. Do you know about Philofaxy? It's a blog about all things Filofax, I like the Web Finds posts.
    It's a while since I've done any posts about my Filofaxes but this is one I did a while ago showing how I use it if you're interested.

    1. Thank yo Jo :)
      oh i know, i've completely immersed in all things Filofax this week! My goodness there's loads! haha :)

      I adore your Malden, what gorgeous colour, and so well nicely put together :)
      I've recently discovered erasable pens! what fantastic invention they are, they've e so many times in such a short while lol xx

  6. Your highland cow is very sweet, she will smile at you each time you see her. I have not had a filofax for years, but I don't keep much pf a diary these days.

    1. Thank you Marlene, i adore her, the technique used is called Encaustic art, which is melted beeswax with added colour pigments, so she smells delicious too lol :)

  7. Belated Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you are ok after you wee break :). The ginger beer sounds intriguing.....

    1. Thank you :D i'm so impatient for this ginger beer, but i still have a week and a bit to wait :( i shall be keeping myself busy lol xx


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