Saturday, 12 March 2016

Easter Gift Swap and Bargains

Hi guys :)
I've spent all day in the kitchen today and loved every second of it :)

I've picked up a few bargains this week
firstly, the most amazing book from a charity shop, full of wonderful recipes, including preserving pickling and home-brewing

I found 2 bags of pears , reduced to clear at 29p per bag and 2 bags of pumpkin seed bread mix for 19p each :) I made some rolls with the bread mix and i am happy to report they are delicious! We shall be having some with soup for supper. 

I had a funny moment when i put the mix into the bread maker, the lid decided to slam down onto my fingers, and even though it hurt it reminded me so much of the till from Open All Hours i got a fit of the giggles and couldn't stop! It wasn't even all that funny, but that just made me giggle more!
Tonight i went back to have a look for more bargains, but i went too early to get anything really cheap and trailed back home with another bread mix, a mixed grain one this time for 49p

and some tomatoes at 49p too, which shall be made into tomato soup

This is what i've made today, 1 bag of pears were stewed for crumble another day, with mixed dried fruit, the other bag were turned into pear butter, which is perfect as a change from jam, and if you fancy something not so sweet on your toast or scones, and in the middle is caramelized,sweet pickled onion chutney (though according to google it's a relish because it's pickled...i'm still calling it chutney ;)  )

Onto even more exiting news, i was a lucky recipient of an Easter swap draw, sent by the lovely Marlene from Simple Living 
 If i was a bit more patient i'd have got a picture of everything nicely wrapped, in a beautiful pastel coloured tissue paper

The sweetest handmade card! I adore baby animals :)

The table full of everything in the parcel (it's gone the wrong way round and i can't get it to go the right way up, so just tilt your head haha)

Some fancy guest soaps ( like Monica from Friends) and a heavenly vanilla scented hanger for my wardrobe :)

Some gorgeous Lilies for when i make a start in the garden... i wonder if i can plant them in pots now then transfer them when i've got a border dug out? Hmm... i must look that up in a minute.

 A v sparkly bookmark, which may help my poor books from having the pages folded over (i know, i know! *hangs head in shame*)

A goody bag full of delicious choccies. The Bearded Wonder has already stolen a Creme Egg!
Some cake cases and adorable wee teapot shaped toppers for when the Bearded Wonder and i have afternoon tea ( and cucumber sandwiches)

The most gorgeous Daffodil plate, i'm going to look for one of those plate hanger thingies and it shall be going on the wall in the living room :)

Some pretty jam jar covers, as you can see i've already used some on my makes today :)

A stunning oven glove and pot holder set, i just adore roses

I shall enjoy colouring these in very much, such intricate drawings and so very pretty

Some more handmade cards, they are soo sweet!

I love animals, in any way, shape or form, especially birds :) (even though i am terrible at identifying anything but really common ones haha i do have a book though)

Some beautiful handmade tags with Violets (i think, i'm also terrible at identifying flowers lol though i love them so much )

 and last, but certainly not least, the most amazing rose fairy lights, which are proudly strung up on my mantelpiece  

Everything is wonderful Marlene, and i absolutely love it all 
Thank you so much :)

P.S the paint STILL hasn't arrived! If it isn't here by Monday then they shall be receiving an irate phone call.


  1. Hi Sophie I am really glad you liked everything, it is pansies on the gift tag, you really got some good bargains today, like you I enjoy pottering in the kitchen, have a great weekend xx

    1. Oh i do! i love it all :)
      Ah, pansies! Shows what i know haha i must find a book to help me identify them :) xx

    2. You can start the Lily's off in pots, I have just potted mine up again x

  2. What a wonderful swap, so many usefull goodies, you have picked up some lovely bargains as well, your lilies you can grow in a pot I would transfer them after they have flowered, they will produce little bulblets on the bulbs and over time will multiply :-)

    1. Thank you Dawn :)
      Oh yay! i'll pot them up as soon as i get a chance :) xx

  3. What a lovely parcel you received so many lovely goodies. I love the sound of pear butter, I have made apple butter but pear butter sounds even better......

    1. Oh it's delicious! It's not too strong either so it's just right for spreading on toast :) xx

  4. Love the sound of the pear butter I have a few recipes for fruit butter in my old books but have never tried them I may just have to now. What a gorgeous parcel of joy, enjoy it all, dee x

    1. You will love it Delia :) it's very yummy and moreish xx


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