Friday, 18 March 2016

It's here!

Hear that?
That's the sound of a hallelujah chorus playing in celebration 
 You guessed right, a miracle has occurred, the paint has arrived!

Six tins of painty fun!
Though no wallpaper. And they forgot one of the roller tray sets.
But never mind! Because most of it is here and for now that will keep me happy :)

We've already started on the top half of the living room, a gorgeous clean white, and the bottom half will be started on next week in Country Blue, i'll do a wee tour when it's finished :)

The reason it won't be done until next week is because the plaster needs at least 4 weeks curing before it can be painted on. Irritating when i just want to get on with it lol

To keep myself busy i painted my little telephone table  
and the basket below is halfway through being painted, i'm waiting for it to dry before i do the next coat.

I also painted my "Dresser" and how lovely it looks now :) the paint has really pulled it together don't you think?

I sacrificed an old pillowcase to make teeny curtains.

The blue is the very same colour that shall be going on the bottom half of the living room

The back panel looks a bit scatty right now, but that's because it is waiting for the wallpaper to turn up (apparently the supplier can take a while to get their act together, the nice lady on the phone from Dulux told me) to be honest i only ordered it to make up the last of the voucher but it's sooo pretty! 
Graham & Brown 20-564 RENAISSANCE Each
This is the one i've chosen, rather Cath Kidston-ish :)

What do you think? :)

I've been busy in the kitchen again, i've baked more pumpkin seed bread rolls to go with some delicious Leek and Potato soup

This is the Bearded Wonders' recipe (he's a chef) and it's sooo scrummy!

You Will Need:
2 leeks
4 medium size potatoes 
2 chicken stock cubes
sprinkling of salt and pepper 
600ml boiling water
1 small onion or half a large one

Chop your leeks and onions and sauté them in butter on a medium heat (or margarine, but butter is nicer)  for 5 mins until just soft

Peel and chop potatoes roughly, plonk them in the pan, add your water and sprinkle in the stock cubes and salt and pepper

Bring to the boil for 5 minutes, stirring so it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan then bring down to a gentle simmer for roughly half an hour, again stirring occasionally 
 Mash or use a food processor to bring it together and make it really thick and yummy!
Ladle into a bowl and enjoy! :)

I also had a huge chocolate craving so made the chocolate version of Mary Berry's Fork Biscuits



  1. Your dresser will look so lovely with the wallpaper on the back panel! Happy painting :D

    1. Thank you Susie , i'm looking forward to it eventually arriving :)

  2. love the telephone table very chic, you will have such a lovely home when you finish your decorating, the dresser will look fab with the paper pattern on the back :-)

    1. Thank you Dawn, it's getting there piece by piece , just mainly carpets and painting the rest to finish now xxx

  3. It's all coming together nicely x

  4. I love the dresser it looks really good. I hope your wallpaper turns up soon xx

    1. Thank you Jo :) i hope it does too, i may email them later on xx

  5. This is my first visit to your blog, you've created such a happy place here.

    1. Aww thank you Amalia, so pleased you like it :) xx

  6. Looking great!! The wallpaper is fabulous. I'm making leek and potato soup tomorrow. Leeks are on offer at our supermarket for 29p. X

  7. the singer looks awesome on the telephone table, Carly would approve!


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