Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Hi guys!
Sorry it's been so long, it just seems to have flown by!
I feel like i've barely done a thing, i haven't preserved anything, i've barely crocheted (apart from a toy for a certain someone i'm going to mention in a minute) or even thought about the garden!

The poor Bearded Wonder hasn't been too well, having a few panic attacks so he's been dragged to the doctors and put on anti anxiety medication, but he's doing much better, so that's good news :)

I've been on a stop smoking programme, i have Nicotine Replacement Therapy in the form of patches, my quit date is this Saturday, so finger crossed :)

I also have this little guy to help distract me from craving a ciggie...

Isn't he the sweetest little thing?
I wasn't sure about getting one, as our last one, Marie, shot out of the house when i was putting the washing out and we never found her :(
But his adorable wee face convinced me otherwise haha

His name is Angus, he's almost 8 weeks old and his hobbies include sleeping, whining, sitting on peoples heads and shoulders,
  looking cute, catching sunbeams and being adorable :)

I'm going to attempt to catch up on everyone's blogs now :)


  1. I hope the BW feels a lot better soon. Panic attacks are rotten. I hope the meds get things under control for him. As for Angus....too cute!!! I always thought of myself as a dog person but since we got Mog last October I can certainly see the appeal. Who could resist that adorable face. Xx

    1. Thank you Jules :) He seems to be doing fine so far, he's been on them 6 days, he felt a bit funny at first and a bit queasy but that seems to have settled and he's been sleeping better too :)
      He is adorable ins't he? I both a dog and cat person, i don't think i have a preference, too hard to choose haha :) xx

  2. I hope the bearded wonder is feeling much better soon, glad that he is getting some help. Hope you do well with quitting smoking, well done for giving it a go!

    1. Thank you Amy, so far so good with the Bearded Wonder, he seems to be a b it more settled and sleeping much better, which is huge relief! Rhe quittibg smoking didn't quite go to plan though... haha :)

  3. Sorry to hear the BW is suffering, I hope the medication continues to help. That kitten is adorable!

    1. Thank you hun , he seems much better this past week, I'm keeping a close eye on him, just to to be sure :) xx

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't he the sweetest little thing? Those blue eyes melt my heart :) xx

  5. aaawwww hello Angus how cute are you :-) enjoy him he looks gorgeous, dee x


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