Sunday, 15 May 2016

Garden stuff

Hi guys :)

Thank your all your lovely comments about the Bearded Wonder, he is doing wonderfully and has even voluntarily made a new appointment at the doctors (will wonders ever cease?)

With the lovely weather we have finally made it out into the garden, and got to work. 
There is still so much to do to get it to where we want it but, progress is progress no matter how small :)
The Bearded Wonder has dug out the path, and we are going to border it in an attempt at keeping the weeds and grass at bay, and put either gravel or pebbles in the gaps.

I have cobbled together a frame, and am going to put down cardboard, newspaper and mulch to block down the weeds, and with any luck by next year it should be diggable, and shall be used for herbs and above ground growing plants such as salads and brassicas etc 

We also got a lovely new bed from a friend, so our old Divan bed has had it's fabric sides ripped out and shall be pressed into service as raised beds for leeks, carrots etc and possibly potatoes on one side.
I deliberately left the cardboard on the bottom as a weed suppressant and it shall be adding more layers of cardboard and newspaper, and i am looking for some more wood for the sides so it will be completely solid, and some stakes for the corners so it doesn't blow away

Little Angus is doing nicely and, speaking of weeds, is shooting up like one! He's growing by the second!

I've been busy in the kitchen as Morrison's is doing punnets of strawberries for £1 so i now have a couple of lovely jewel coloured jars lining my shelf :)

I also found myself a wee bargain in a charity shop, a Knitting Mate,which is a hand knitting machine, for 99p! It's set up rather like a knitting loom, except you have a large needle to thread, rather than a hook. It is a lot quieter and easier to get the hang of than a mechanical knitting machine, and hopefully i shall be able to produce at least a scarf! 

I am off to catch up on some blogs :)


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