Monday, 20 June 2016

Even MORE Garden Updates! Oh..and Woolfest!

Hi guys! 
Yep... more garden updates! Am i boring you yet? haha!
It's just so exciting that we are finally making progress and heading in the right direction :) 

I've finished one side of the fence, and the digging out is getting closer to being finished, we've got about a quarter left then that side is done! All that will be left to do is build the rest of the fence around it and start plotting where we're going to plant the veg, fruits and herbs next year

It's actually rather hard to plan a veg plot, you have to make sure everything has the right conditions, the right soil and the right neighbours, otherwise you're buggered and it will all die on you. 

This afternoon i made an arbor, it doesn't look like much now, but with any luck it will eventually look something like this

I adore roses, and have always wanted a little rose arbor for my very own, and as a bonus i can dry some to make pot pourri and various Rose related things :)

I am also getting better at baking bread (finally!)
The secret? Second rise.

Always let your bread rise twice and it will be the loveliest, softest, fluffiest, best tasting bread you will ever eat!

Though make sure you have the right size loaf tin... otherwise it will creep over the top and look like something from a horror movie!

In other news, i am off to Woolfest again this year , this time i get to stay for two nights!
I am travelling with a friend, who will drive us there, and last year we decided there was just too much to cram in one day, and she got rather tired afterwards (there is, after all, a 50 year gap between us) so we shall go on the Friday and return Sunday after a good nights rest.
I ay have over packed a little, though in my defense the suitcase is smaller than it looks in the picture! It's really quite tiny

I shall end with the obligatory photos of Angus, who has recently discovered that he can climb
 the curtains...

The lightshade got knocked off and while i was waiting for the Bearded Wonder to put it back up (i can't reach) Angus decided it was a great hiding spot!

Giving me the evil eye because i wouldn't let him suck my neck like a tiny furry vampire ;)

Thursday, 9 June 2016

More garden updates

Hi all :) 
I finally got around to writing a new post :)
 I know, i know! It's been ages! It's not like i didn't have time, i just kept forgetting haha 

I found a compost bin on freecycle, thanks to lovely friend who helped with a lift to get it home (i can neither confirm nor deny that we got lost trying to find the house...)  and we are working hard on getting it filled.

I made myself a wee sewing box from a cardboard box and some fabric samples
and an apple pie, which we haven't had in ages! yummy! 

Little met large when we puppy-sat on Saturday, Angus quickly established who was boss

He is quickly growing up

We celebrated our 6 year anniversary of being together on sunday :) i got merry on a bottle of rose and poor Bearded Wonder had lemonade as his medication means he can't drink alcohol :(

The garden is making progress, we have taken advantage of the hot weather and The Bearded Wonder is digging out my side for veg beds, as well as the two raised ones. The plan is to get it dug out by the end of the warm weather, then cover it  completely through the winter, which will hopefully eradicate all the weeds!
I have started building a fence around that side from foraged branches and twigs (only ones that have fallen) it looks a bit rough and ready but it should look lovely when it's finished :)

I also hope to eventually plant lavender hedges along the fence , the washing line is on the other side, so the laundry will smell fantastic when it brushes against the lavender

I made a wee gate too

and at the moment it's hinges are string until i can get some proper ones, hopefully next week :)


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