Saturday, 2 July 2016


Hi guys! I can't believe that tomorrow it will be a week since we were at Woolfest already!
We had a wonderful weekend, tiring, but wonderful!

Now, i'm ashamed to say i didn't get nearly as many photos as last year :( On friday i was just so tired i didn't even think about my camera, all i wanted to was go to bed after getting up at 6am so we could set off at 8 and get there in time for lunch
Lovely Angora rabbits, i want one!

This is a Castlemilk Moorit, we made friends with the owner at lunch and had a wonderful chat about all things woolly :)

The hotel was wonderful, the staff were so welcoming and accomodating. 
The food was also lovely, if a little too generous, the portion sizes were so huge we only got through half of it! 

resting my poor feet after a long day!

I came home with some beautiful fluff and a new spindle,this is Merino and silk, the photo doesn't do the colours justice at all!

I didn't get such a bargain on fleece this year, i bought a huge bag of Blue Face Leicester X Swaledale for £8, so it wasn't too bad.

Angus sulking on the Bearded Wonders' knee. 
He wasn't at all impressed that i'd gone, he came for a cuddle then swiped at me and started attacking my feet! 

I was so inspired bu Woolfest i made myself a  basic spindle wheel. 
The base and legs were from an old broken drawer , and the bits that are holding the spindle were from a magazine rack

the stand holding the wheel is a table leg, i think it looks pretty cool, and it works well. It doesn't have a treadle yet so i have to spin it by hand, but i don't mind :)

The garden is progressing well, this photo is terrible though, i'll get a better one for next time :)
There are two Jackdaws sitting on my fence haha :)

As well as holding baking equipment, i have decided to actually use my dresser as a baking cabinet.

It just makes sense seeing as everything is already there and ready for use
I just keep everything on the tray and if i have a flour spillage it is all contained on the tray rather than all over the countertop.

I have recently discovered Hoosier cabinets on Pinterest, and i am completely smitten! What i would give to own a proper one, though even on Ebay they are out of my price range, some going for over £200! :(
Isn't this one pretty? and so useful!
My grandmother had on of these!! Why did we let her get rid of it!!!:
Even a small one like this would be perfect
1950s kitchen larder cabinet w/ integrated bread bin + pull out pastry table:


  1. Love your home made spinning wheel! I have a baking area and I love it! I too love vintage kitchen cabinets and have a board of them on Pinterest. Here is the link for my bread recipe. The only change I make is I only use 80g of sugar as it can be a bit sweet for us with more. Let me know how you get on.x

    1. Thank you louise :) i will have to stalk your pinterest so if you notice a huge amount of pinning it will be me haha :D xx

  2. I can't believe it's been a whole year since you last posted you'd been to woolfest! I'm glad you had a good time. The rabbits are cute but the faces on those sheep...☺ Things are coming along nicely on your home and garden front. X

    1. i know right? it only seems a few months ago since i went there last! Aren't the sheep sweet? Their faces are so sooth looking! I think they are Shetland, i can't quite remember haha xx

  3. I commented on here yesterday. Hope it isn't lost.

  4. Not sure why the link didn't work, trying again.
    Hope this gets you this time.

    1. Thank you so much :) perfect timing as i have to make more tomorrow :~) xx

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