Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Hi guys! Remember me?
 Well...I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't!
For the past month I have been thoroughly immersed in the cycling world as we finally got The Bearded Wonder a bike!

 Some of you will remember that i got my bike last year from freecycle, and i've been patiently waiting until The Bearded Wonder got his to go out exploring together.

looking cool and unruffled, whilst i was red faced and out of breath!

i look like a hamster with its cheeks stuffed! 

A fortnight ago we ventured out on our first 10 mile ride , the problem with going anywhere out of our village is you will always have a hill to come back up!
halfway up!

A well deserved doughnut once we got home! 

I also made a wee saddlebag from an old handbag pocket with clips attached to hold the puncture repair kit, just in case :)

Last week saw us cycling to the next village, about 4 miles away, and the whole way was downhill, we've been through it before in a friends car but we didn't quite realize how steep it was!

We were going to go and have a wander about and have a cuppa then cycle back home, we got about 3/4 of the way and decided to turn back, as we weren't sure if there were even more hills that we would have to walk back up, it was only once we got home and looked at the map online did we realize how close we had gotten! 
So the way home wasn't quite as much fun as the way there.
See that hill in the distance? Well we live at the top of it. 

What i've noticed most about cycling is that for the beginner you will feel every slight incline, no matter how gentle, and it sure takes its toll on your muscles!
A fortnight ago i had to walk up the last bit of this long incline, yesterday i got the full way up! It may seem like nothing to experienced cyclists, but for me it was a huge deal and i was so pleased and proud of myself :)

I hope i haven't bored you (Hello? Wake up! I heard you snoring over there! ;-) ) with my rambling on about cycling, but it is so much fun, the sense of freedom you get barrelling down a hill, and you get fitter the further you go!

In other news, the garden has drastically changed(in a good way), but i will go into more details in another post.
My bread making is going from strength to strength, i now make all of our bread apart from when we fancy a change every now and then haha

Angus is getting huge now! He has been clamouring to go outside and explore, so he goes out under strict supervision, especially as he still needs to go to the vet and get The Snip and a microchip

He now has his first fancy collar

He has a huge naughty streak, and has taken to stealing my shoes at every opportunity, some cats like catnip, mine has a shoe fetish, as he loves to stick his head inside them, the little oddball.

He's such a handsome wee tiger :)

That's all for now, i will do a proper garden post in the next week or so (hopefully not another month!)
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  1. It sounds like you're both really enjoying yourselves. It's years since I've been on a bike, in fact I think the last time was at Centreparcs when Daniel was a toddler, it must be nearly twenty years ago. Lovely to see Angus, he's so cute.

  2. Angus looks sweet! Well done on cycling so much, the feeling you described is the same for me when I ride my horses :) Amazing!


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