Friday, 26 May 2017

Building The Polygreen

Hello all!
The Polygreen is all finished! 

Also, not only is it finished, you may noticed it has been moved too! 
With the garden being so exposed, i decided it would be better for it to be side on to the wind, rather than head on, that way, hopefully, the wind will just go straight over the top. 

It's been quite a learning curve, figuring out how to keep it all together, stop it from flying away or collapsing!

A new sign for the garden gate.

The back wall being put up.

A bench for the plants to sit on

It's also just nice to sit in and just chill out with my morning coffee, as well as to grow plants in.

Last week saw me being given rather a lot of plants! A friend down the road gave me 6 tomato plants, and the bloke who gave me the blackcurrant bushes last year turned up with MORE tomato plants, so i now have 11 to try and keep alive haha. He also brought some pepper plants, courgette, rosemary, borage and sage.
I originally made two tiers of benches  but then a friend gave me two small benches which fit much better! 

I installed a guttering system using a metal pipe with a v shaped groove and added a funnel and half a washing machine pipe to the end. I've also added a hosepipe to the lower barrel, which is going to be the overflow so i can just dip my watering can in, rather than having to wait for it to fill up from the top barrel tap.

I also gotgiven some snapdragons and livingstone daisies, and the snapdragons are already blooming and look beautiful!

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