Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Polygreen

When life gives you an opportunity, grab it with both hands!
A wonderful friend is possibly giving up her allotment, and last year her poor greenhouse got blown to bits in a storm and she decided it wasn't worth trying to put it back together, so i asked if there was any parts that were salvageable, in the hopes i could at least save some of it to build one later on. I was gobsmacked when there was so many parts that were useable! 

The two sides were perfectly fine, she took the broken glass out for use in the stained glass course we are about to start, and she had a lot of black plastic that will work perfectly fine (I hope!) so that is being put to good use. 

When i first started collecting the useable parts, i was going to build it the traditional way and create a triangular roof, but it would have been too difficult to piece back together, so my friends husband had the idea of creating an arched roof instead, which was much easier! 

(Please ignore the fact that it looks like Steptoes' yard!)

The roof is almost up , i'm pretty much considering this part of The Polygreen as an experiment, i don't even know if it will work or stay put. The plastic i'm using is builders plastic leftover from when we had the damp proof course put in last year, to cover the furniture, and it is pretty thin,  knowing my luck it will tear away, but i'm ever the optimist, so fingers crossed! If it doesn't work out i'll just have to actually spend money and buy some better stuff.

The rug (that the cat ruined) is to keep the weeds down until i can get some concrete slabs. 

I have also started a gardening journal, so i can keep track of the little i'm growing this year and be able to refer back to it next year etc

I got a lovely parcel from Dawn at Being Self Sufficient In Wales consisting of Spearmint, Chocolate mint and Apple mint cuttings, i'm looking forward to having various fresh teas (and more!) with this lot :D


  1. you are doing great with your garden experiments, I hope it all comes to fruition for you

  2. I love to make things work, not always the first time, learn from the bit's which did not work and move on, if the plastic does not work, try fine mesh.


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