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How To Dry Rosemary.
First choose your Rosemary, snip the top 2-3 inches to get maximum harvest,but leaving the original stem. Bunch them together and secure the ends with  string or elastic bands
Find a nice warm, dry place and hang them upside down (I used my small clothes hanger in the pantry)If you like you can cover the bunches with brown paper bags,(with slits cut down the sides, to allow for air flow) to keep the rosemary getting dusty, and it stops sunlight bleaching out the colour.

Leave to dry for 2 weeks until the leaves are brittle to the touch.  Pop them on a chopping board and holding the end of the stems with one hand and your other hand pinching the stem below the last leaves, and pull the stem towards you. I have found this to be by far the easiest method of of removing the leaves, and a lot less messy.

Chop the rosemary finely. i used my veg chopper first, but it didn't get it quite fine enough so i gave it a quick go over with a knife.

 Pop it in a pretty jar and label it :)

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